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Better Together: Resolve More Calls By Combining Generative AI with Customer Data

  • Learn how to securely connect LLMs with first-party data to deliver exceptional, on-brand customer service
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You’ve witnessed machines having very human conversations with generative AI, like ChatGPT—and naturally, contact centers are using this new generative AI technology to humanize their customer experience. The power to improve key metrics like resolution rates and average handle times is unlocked when you combine LLMs with customer data. But, achieving these results at scale requires an enterprise-grade connection to avoid common risks like hallucinations and inaccurate responses. 

Paramount Hospitality successfully integrated an LLM layer into their Contact Center Automation platform and securely combined the knowledge of generative AI with their business processes, SKUs and internal systems. The results? A 10% improvement in resolution rates, 30% shorter calls and significantly more flexible and natural conversations.

Walk away with a fresh blueprint and learn:

  • How Paramount Hospitality navigated their LLM deployment
  • The design, integration and deployment phases of LLM-powered automation
  • How to safely incorporate LLMs with customer data and existing platforms
  • Steps to determine your contact center’s LLM readiness 
  • How to perform a cost-benefit analysis for using LLMs


Hannah Day Director of Revenue Management & CRO Operations @ Paramount Hospitality Group
Gadi Shamia Co-Founder and CEO @ Replicant
Meghna Suresh Head of Product @ Replicant
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