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10 Misconceptions
About Contact Center Automation

Learn about the 10 most common misconceptions about Contact Center Automation, as well as the facts and firsthand accounts that prove them false.
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Whether you’re an early adopter of Contact Center Automation, or a leader still exploring your options, chances are you’ve run into one or more of these common misconceptions:

  • Automation, IVRs, and chatbots are all the same
  • Automation is more expensive than it is beneficial
  • Customers don’t want to talk to a machine
  • Automation can’t resolve customer issues
  • Automation aims to replace agents

Despite the confusion, however, thousands of customer experience innovators are already reaping massive benefits from Contact Center Automation. But for those still gathering information for their own organizations’ automation plans, a clear understanding of the solution is imperative.

This guide helps break down the common myths about Contact Center Automation: what it is, what it isn’t, and the data that shows how automation transforms both agent and customer experiences.

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