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Because Market: AI That Older Customers Actually Like

Creating better customer experiences and higher satisfaction using Replicant

Partnering to drive results

For The Because Market, a senior personal care subscription retailer, Replicant’s automated conversations were as effective as agent-driven sessions.
  • 50%
    Reduction in AHT
  • 70%
    Reduction in hold times
  • 50%
    Reduction in call escalations

Short-staffed and long hold times

Basic support calls took 10+ minutes and customers waited on hold for 7+ minutes as the call center became an operational bottleneck. The Because Market wanted to find a new way to deliver exceptional customer service.

Meeting customer demand head-on across channels

Automating repetitive, low-impact calls

Agents spent many hours on requests for order and account updates. These calls were automated to allow agents to focus on more strategic sessions.

From cost-center to revenue opportunity

Replicant is not only resolving common issues but also supporting product development and cross-selling — which agents didn’t have time to do before.

Increased agent retention and CSAT

Agents have higher job satisfaction as they don’t have to train for or manage as many calls. Instead, they can focus on delivering better service.

Cutting average handle and hold times

Removing calls from agents’ workloads reduced hold times by 70%. Machine-powered conversations are more efficient, leading to a 50% reduction in AHT.

Customers can expect the same high level of service regardless of channel. That has been huge in creating trust.
Kelsey Holshouser
VP of Customer Experience
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