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3 Things Top Call Center Outsourcing Companies Have

Top Call Center Outsourcing Companies Have These 3 Things

Businesses in the United States have struggled for years to determine the best way to handle call center outsourcing. A decade ago, many companies looking for assistance in managing rising volumes turned to offshore centers in pursuit of lower labor costs. 

However, by 2018, this trend was reversing as businesses began seeing the downside of overseas call centers. According to Forbes, many organizations started seeing how frustrated customers were getting while dealing with non-native-speaking agents, which lowered customer satisfaction.

At the same time, analyst groups predict the ultimate personalization of customer service in the future. McKinsey coined the term “care of one” to describe the hyper personalization they expect to see by 2025. As businesses move toward this vision, it’s important to recognize the top things that leading call center providers have in common.

What are some top practices for call center outsourcing?

Top businesses no longer rely on offshore call center outsourcing companies as they are increasingly costly and inefficient. Instead, modern businesses leverage contact center automation, which automates Tier One customer requests, freeing agents to focus on those inquiries requiring human expertise and empathy.

Best Practice 1: True Transformation

The best call center outsourcing solutions don’t simply attempt to increase productivity and the number of calls handled; they transform the way customer service is done.

Using voice AI to automate your call center, you can automate Tier One requests, freeing up human resources. This type of transformative call center solution creates more engaged human agents who can now use their expertise for more complex calls instead of facing hours of mundane and repetitive questions. Conversations can happen over any channel, around the clock, and can infinitely scale call volumes as needed.

Partners focused on helping contact centers identify the right use cases to automate, which result in budget reductions while maintaining excellent customer experiences, facilitate true transformation.

Best Practice 2: Intelligent Insights

Besides streamlining how incoming calls are handled on a day-by-day basis, contact center innovation ideas should help businesses gather insights about questions, customer intent, common problems, and workflow issues that can be improved over time.

For example, Replicant leverages proprietary transcription, inference classification, and named entity recognition models as well as a high-performance NLU engine with built-in continuous learning. What does that mean for client management? Replicant’s intelligent contact center solutions has a 20 percent lower word error rate than Google, delivers 96 percent peak inference accuracy, collects rich context from unstructured inputs, and offers a 20-millisecond response time. It’s no wonder that Replicant delivers customer-satisifed conversations that regularly return higher CSAT scores than even live agents.

Best Practice 3: Pre-Built Components That Learn

The top call center outsourcing companies offer innovation ideas that combine ease-of-implementation and ease-of-use along with advanced machine learning that allows the system to learn over time. While Replicant has hundreds of pre-built components including dialogue management, the solution is infinitely scalable across multiple use cases and industries. 

Thoughtful, out-of-the-box features make contact center automation easy to design and result in optimal call flows without heavy IT involvement and resources. These features quickly lead to rapid deployments and a significant ROI.

At the same time, such a system learns the client company’s business over time, adding to the number of questions and problems it can respond to effectively. Customer intent and insights are continually added to the system’s data, enriching the insights that can lead to continuous improvement and smarter business decisions.

Replicant’s Solution

If you’re ready to learn more about the top call center outsourcing solutions, contact Replicant today. Our Thinking Machine provides advanced remote call center solutions for just about any use case and industry. See how this contact center automation technology leads to call center savings. 

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