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AI Contact Center: Improving Tier One Call Resolution

For the vast majority of people, calling a business to request basic information such as order status or to report an outage should be a simple and quick inquiry. For the AI contact center, however, these types of Tier One calls can be uniquely costly. First, they account for most of the incoming calls, which is how the contact center’s total volume is determined. Second, Tier One calls are highly prone to spikes. For example, a power outage will generate many calls all at one time or meal times may be high volume periods for a restaurant.

While many businesses have turned to self-service solutions to address this challenge, they are not the most effective channels. According to Gartner, only 9 percent of customers can successfully find answers to their questions via self-serve channels, which leads to frustration. 

Fortunately, these repetitive, mundane, and easy-to-answer calls are ripe for automation. Using artificial intelligence in contact centers, businesses and organizations can resolve Tier One calls immediately and without human intervention. This, in turn, frees up live agents to handle more complex calls that require human empathy and intelligence.

By taking advantage of technology such as Replicant’s Thinking Machine, businesses can improve customer satisfaction in a world where clients increasingly expect immediate answers at any time of the day or night.

What is contact center AI?

An AI contact center is an automated solution that can answer incoming Tier One calls and resolve customer inquiries with zero wait time or human interaction. A solution such as Replicant uses natural language processing and machine learning in order to have a human-like conversation with the caller. McKinsey reports that such technologies can help organizations achieve impact at scale.

How does AI improve Tier One call resolution?

AI Contact centers can improve Tier One call resolution because calls can be answered simultaneously regardless of volume. That means that even during peak periods or call spikes, customers will not have to wait on hold when they call your business. In addition, Replicant is trained on millions of real customer service calls and can often immediately resolve the customer’s issue without the assistance of a live agent.

How does AI improve the customer experience?

AI can improve the customer experience at many levels. Customers don’t have to wait long to reach your organization since calls are answered immediately. Additionally, Replicant’s conversational AI solution is capable of quickly and efficiently resolving Tier One inquiries without human intervention. Callers with more complex questions will be transferred via call routing to the appropriate agent with a complete transcript. This means that callers do not need to repeat their name, contact information, or question when they speak to a live agent. 

Examples of AI contact centers in action

Let’s take a quick look at some common Tier One calls that businesses may be facing every day.

  • Order Status. Customers are simply calling you to find out if their order has been shipped and when they can expect it to arrive. With automation, call resolution is immediate and accurate.
  • Account Updates. Individuals have changed their primary phone number or moved to a new city and need to update their contact information with your business. With AI, this can be done automatically and precisely.
  • Outages. A service organization such as a utility experiences a power outage. Customers are calling in to find out if the organization is aware of the outage and how long before service is restored.
  • FAQs. It is common for companies to provide basic information about their products or services, such as their location, hours of operation, or contact information. These inquiries can be addressed by AI chatbots effectively.
  • Appointments. Any professional service organization or healthcare provider can easily automate appointment requests, changes, or cancellations through automation.
  • Bookings. In the travel and hospitality industry, most calls pertain to making, changing, or canceling reservations. 

Try Replicant’s Solution

If you’re ready to improve your Tier One call resolution with an AI contact center, look no further than Replicant’s Thinking Machine. Reach out today to learn how we can help you automate your contact center.

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