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Thinking Machine

You won’t believe it’s a machine

Machine-powered conversations that are natural sounding, contextually aware, and respond to multi-intent issues

A Thinking Machine purpose-built to resolve customer service issues across any channel

  • Responds with zero latency
    Answers customers in under a second for naturally flowing conversations
  • Accurate and contextually aware
    Inference accuracy rate of 96% and can respond to multi-intent questions
  • Any channel, in any language
    Speaks 30+ languages and recognizes variants over voice, text, and chat.

How the Thinking Machine works

Recognizes human speech

The NLU brain distinguishes human audio from background noise and reduces latency to less than a second between turns, creating natural conversations.

Understands what’s being said

Transcription that’s purpose built for customer service converts speech to text with 20% lower word error rate for accurate resolutions.

Identifies pauses or interruptions

Proprietary ASR model recognizes natural pauses, including being put on hold, for smoother conversations.

Comprehends complex questions

With inference accuracy rates over 96%, customers can ask complex, multi-intent questions for more dynamic conversations.

Contextual entity extraction

The Thinking Machine recognizes places, names, and dates in context, regardless of complexity, for intelligent support.

Replicant offers a truly intelligent thinking machine that allows our company to remove the "busy work"-type calls from our team members and open them up for true problem solving and building customer relationships.
Edison B.
Senior Manager Club Member Experiences
at Telehealth Company
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