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CorVel Reduces Average Handle Times By 50%

CorVel has deployed AI to automate new patient registrations so nurses' valuable time wouldn't be taken up by mundane and repetitive tasks.

Partnering to drive results

Replicant was deployed to capture non-clinical patient information, identify caller location & intelligently route to an available nurse
  • 100%
    Non-clinical intake accuracy
  • 50%
    Decrease in average handle time

Company Details

  • Industry:
  • Size:
    4,000+ Employees
Use Cases:
    • File a New Claim
    • Information Intake
    • Intelligent Routing

Inefficient Use of Nurses Time

When a patient calls to file a claim, CorVel must first capture a few key details, like the patient’s name, date of birth and date of injury. Once complete, CorVel’s registered nurses can begin doing what they do best: assessing each injury thoroughly. However, this process had become inefficient, with nurses spending time on non-clinical intake rather than focusing on clinical assessments. CorVel needed a way to refocus their fleet of nurses, improve data accuracy and accelerate the patient experience

Quicker Call Times, Increased Capacity & Improved Care

50% reduction in average handle time

After going live with Replicant for patient registrations, CorVel's average handle times went from five minutes to two-and-a-half minutes.

Concentrating on what they do best - caring for patients

CorVel’s team of registered nurses nationwide are no longer required to spend time on non-clinical patient intake. Now, they can greet patients with all the information they need to get right to injury assessments.

Improved care & patient Satisfaction

With nurses now able to prioritize patient care, CorVel has boosted its capacity, resulting in expedited patient care and an enhanced customer experience.

Before Replicant, nurses were spending time on non-clinical intake. Now, they can immediately begin injury assessments, just like doctors can step into an examination room and know exactly who the patient is.
Cindy Gambosh
Director of Workforce Automation
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