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Call Center Automation: The Best Calls to Automate in Your Contact Center

If you’re ready to implement a call center automation solution, you may be wondering which are the best calls to start with. You’ll want to start with easy-to-answer, high-volume questions that can rapidly improve customer experience and generate a quick return on investment. Working with an experienced third-party solution provider such as Replicant can help you map out a plan effectively and efficiently.

What is Call Center Automation?

Call center automation is all about responding quickly to questions and inquiries from customers coming in from any channel. Calls are answered immediately and simultaneously, which means zero hold time. Ideally, questions are resolved accurately and immediately with no human intervention. 

Call center automation should be a priority for many organizations in the coming year. In fact, McKinsey reports that survey “respondents say their top three priorities over the next 12 to 24 months will be retaining and developing the best people, driving a simplified customer experience (CX) while reducing call volumes and costs, and building their digital care and advanced analytics ecosystems.”

How do you automate a call center?

Automating a call center requires implementing technology that can automatically answer incoming calls. While phone trees, interactive voice response, and chatbots have attempted to move contact centers in this direction, they often fall short. 

The McKinsey report states, “While digital solutions and the shift to self-service channels will solve many of these challenges, they aren’t quite reaching the goal. For most organizations, most digital customer contacts require assistance, and only 10 percent of newly built digital platforms are fully scaled or adopted by customers.” Conversational AI solutions use machine learning and natural language processing to understand and respond to Tier One customer calls rapidly.

What types of calls can be automated?

While just about any calls can technically be automated, the ones that generate the highest return on investment and customer satisfaction scores are those calls that are repetitive and frequently asked. Identifying which call streams these include will be unique for every organization but often include:

  • Account and order management
  • Authentication
  • Billing and payments
  • Call routing
  • Outbound calling reminders, and 
  • Scheduling reservations

A proven process

Contact centers should begin the process by determining which customer service requests are best suited for automation. Select an experienced partner such as Replicant and bring together key leaders in the organization. Pull together your data sources and work together to identify your contact center’s Tier One call flows.

Start with those calls that generate the highest volume, those conversations that take place thousands of times every week. These may include reservation management requests, order inquiries, or account information updates. Automating these calls helps you to achieve economies of scale that significantly impact your contact center operations and ROI.

Typically, these high-volume calls are simple, repetitive, unemotional, and prone to spikes during peak periods or seasons. Such calls are ripe for call center automation solutions.

A proven solution

Replicant’s Thinking Machine is built on millions of actual customer calls and offers hundreds of pre-built conversation components that work out of the box. This leads to fast implementation and helps contact centers design the most optimal conversation flows without heavy IT involvement. Replicant also integrates with any combination of solutions like CRMs, CCaaS and telephony platforms, meaning deployment can happen in a matter of weeks, not months or even years.

That said, Replicant’s conversational AI solution can personalize these conversations with the Thinking Machine, so each customer gets customized service based on their personal purchasing and interaction history. Over time, Replicant learns more about the calls specific to your contact center, becoming more efficient and effective with every interaction.

Learn More

Our call center automation experts would be happy to work with your organization to help you determine the best customer calls to automate. Learn how much automation can help you save with our contact center automation ROI calculator now.

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