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Call Center Automation – Why Choose Replicant?

Outsourcing is one of the first solutions that come to mind when a company expands, refines its processes, or hits a seasonal influx. But, when companies start looking for an outsourcing program that fits their needs, they’re often faced with hundreds of vendors that sound like a perfect fit, but fail to deliver. Call center automation can solve this problem.

Outsourcing tends to be expensive and time-consuming, as agents need to be trained and paid. Outsourcing companies must maintain equipment and buildings for their agents, adding to the cost. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or permanent solution, call center outsourcing rarely performs as well as contact center automation. 

What is Call Center Automation?

A study by McKinsey found that prioritizing automation is key to a successful business. This is especially true in the realm of customer experience. Call center automation is a new technology that improves customer experience. Unlike many other call center capabilities, like interactive voice response (IVR), customers don’t have to use keywords or press numbers to communicate with the system. 

Automation is an advanced call center technology that intelligently answers the vast majority of Tier One calls and escalates the others to the appropriate agents with little or no wait time. Because call center automation doesn’t require an agent, it can handle hundreds of calls simultaneously and scale up or down as needed. By evaluating and reporting analytics, technology-driven contact center automation is able to improve while, at the same time, providing agents with valuable data. 

High Training and Run Costs With Outsourcing

Contact centers typically outsource with temporary agents or through a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider. Either way, outsourcers need to purchase and maintain equipment, get trained for every job regardless of length, and be paid salaries for their work. This results in high costs and overall inefficiency. Additionally, outsourcing providers are often spread out over multiple time zones, causing communication difficulties. 

Why Choose Replicant Instead of Call Center Outsourcing?

Replicant uses the newest cloud-based conversational AI technology to handle large call volumes without needing additional agents. You’ll keep the team, equipment, and operations that you’re familiar with, but Replicant’s solutions can fully automate hundreds of Tier One requests. Thus, the need for traditional outsourcing – along with its related expenses and inconvenience – is eliminated.

Most contact center technologies focus on increasing agent productivity. But these technologies are useless for call centers that struggle with hiring or retaining the agents they need. And none of these solutions have decisively overcome the challenges of workforce management or contact center spikes. Replicant’s call center automation allows agents and AI to team up to provide the best customer experience possible. 

Benefits of Automation

The vast majority of customers have increasingly high expectations regarding customer experience, says an article by Forbes. Automation is an advanced call center technology that helps meet the need for quality customer service by reducing or eliminating wait times. This results in happier customers who aren’t forced to waste hours of their time waiting for a simple issue to be resolved. These customers are more likely to spend money on products and services, write positive reviews, and recommend your business to family and friends. 

At the same time, agents don’t have to spend valuable time answering the same Tier One questions over and over. Instead, they can engage in more enriching and meaningful work. As a result, agents may also experience greater satisfaction with their jobs. 

Finally, because automation and conversational AI technologies don’t rely on agents or equipment, Replicant provides call center capabilities like instant scalability. Contact center automation can serve as many customers as necessary at any time. 

Try Replicant’s Solution

Regardless of what your customer service looks like today, automation is the tool that will help your team continue to improve and your business stands out among competitors. If you’re considering a call center automation solution, request a customer service automation demo from Replicant today.

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