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Contact Center Automation Use Cases

Contact center automation is most useful for repetitive, predictable tasks. Tier One calls that are common to an organization can be easily automated for faster resolution and zero hold times.

Understanding where and when call center automation can be most useful can help your organization make the best decisions about this technology moving forward. This article will discuss some of the best-in-class contact center automation use cases to help you get started.

What is contact center automation?

Contact center automation is software is designed to automatically handle Tier One customer calls quickly and efficiently. Based on machine learning technology, this software understands customer intent using natural language. It can completely resolve inquiries without human intervention. Omnichannel call center automation is able to automate responses from multiple channels including voice, text, and messaging.

How is AI used in a contact center?

AI (artificial intelligence) contact center solutions do not require that a customer press certain buttons or say certain words to get an answer to a question. Instead, AI understands natural speech and can resolve issues just like a live agent. In addition, AI can be used to continuously “learn” from new questions and calls for a particular company, making the call center technology even more useful over time.

How to determine what automation to use in your contact center

Automation in call centers should be designed to meet the needs of a particular business, industry, and market. Begin by learning what calls you should automate. Select those common questions that many customers have–and those that your live agents are simply tired of answering. Be sure you select a partner that can customize its solution to your particular use cases.

Customer service use cases perfect for automation

Automation in call centers should provide 24-hour customer support with consistency and accuracy, regardless of industry or market. According to McKinsey, “consistency is the secret ingredient to making customers happy…it’s exceptionally powerful, especially at a time when retail channels are proliferating and consumer choice and empowerment are increasing.”

Consider the following contact center automation use cases:

  • Insurance – Companies can easily automate requests for proof of insurance, and customers should be able to make updates such as adding a car to a policy or changing an address or other contact information. An automated roadside assistance request can speed up the delivery of help when a difficult situation arises.
  • Healthcare – The use of automation technology can make scheduling or changing an appointment, obtaining a prescription, or receiving policy information easier and faster.
  • Travel & Hospitality – Many details in the travel and hospitality sector such as booking an airline flight, hotel room, or rental car can be automated. Changes, cancellations, and information requests are also prime for automation.
  • Retail & E-Commerce – In this day and age when just about any product can be delivered to a customer’s doorstep within a day or two–or even hours–automation has a critical role to play in order status inquiries as well as return and billing processes.
  • Consumer Services – Expectations for consumer services are rising, and an AI-powered contact center can help customers make appointments, obtain cost estimates, and file complaints more efficiently.
  • Telecommunications – When it comes to telecommunications, call center automation solutions can facilitate reporting an outage, troubleshooting problems, or updating service.
  • Finance – Customers who need to request tax forms or data or make a payment on an account can use automation to make the process easier.

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