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Conversational AI Platform: What It Is and How It Works

The aftermath of the global pandemic of 2020-21 continues to affect just about every industry in the country with labor shortages, high turnover, and inflation. Contact centers dealing with an increased number of customer questions and inquiries in concert with these staffing challenges struggle to deliver the level of customer experience that consumers desire. 

More and more organizations are turning to automation to help relieve some of these stresses, and implementing a conversational AI platform is one effective way to do that. The best conversational AI platforms can resolve customer questions and requests with zero wait time and without human intervention, providing analytics and continuous learning capabilities.

What is a conversational AI platform?

A conversational AI platform is a form of artificial intelligence technology that supports today’s modern contact center. This AI technology works to answer and resolve Tier One customer questions that tend to be repetitive and mundane in nature automatically without human intervention. Ideally, it is an omnichannel solution that incorporates voice, text, and chatbots in an integrated system to work seamlessly for both the customer and the business.

How does conversational AI work?

Conversational AI platforms such as Replicant are trained on millions of customer interactions each day and can continue to learn and improve with every conversation. They should be able to understand natural language and multiple customer intents as well as a wide variety of other languages, making it as easy as possible for customers to communicate with a business.

Never-Ending Learning

One of the most challenging components of running a contact center today is the level of training required for live agents to get up to speed on a business’s products, services, and common questions. According to ScreenSteps, many call centers report their average time to new agent proficiency is four to six months. When you consider that a call center agent stays at the same company for an average of only three years as reported by A Better Answer, those training costs can quickly add up over time.

Replicant’s conversational AI technology is purpose-built for customer service, designed to excel at understanding diverse populations and collecting standard information like names, alphanumeric strings, and unstructured data. It has and continues to automate millions of calls each month and applies continuous machine learning to improve every interaction.

Such a solution will never “quit,” requiring you to start the entire training process again. Replicant’s conversational AI solution will continue to change and grow with your organization, becoming an ongoing and valuable “member” of your team and offering infinite scalability. 

A Growing Trend

Contact center automation powered by conversational AI is on the rise in contact centers around the country. According to Replicant’s 2022 Benchmark Report, around 95 percent of contact center managers have either already adopted or are planning to implement automation within the next year.

Besides providing superior customer service and supporting overwhelmed live agents, conversational AI can deliver a wealth of contact center analytics to your management team, providing the foundation to help you grow and improve in the future.

Conversational AI is particularly suited for industries that receive a high number of repetitive inquiries. For example, the travel, hotel, and hospitality industry process millions of requests for new, updated, and canceled reservations. The insurance industry also receives similar requests for account updates, policy information requests, or coverage changes. Financial institutions can provide account balances, payment data, and contact information updates through a conversational AI platform.

A solution such as Replicant can quickly process these requests with zero hold time and no live agent assistance, which means that even during peak periods, customers have a positive, rapid, and complete experience.

Try Replicant

If you are ready to automate your call center, reach out to Replicant today. Our team of experts has years of experience helping contact centers implement and integrate conversational AI platforms to improve their call center efficiency as well as customer and agent experience.

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