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Efficient Call Center Outsourcing Is In AI

The Most Efficient Call Center Outsourcing Lies In AI

The most efficient call center outsourcing solution available today is conversational AI. Especially when you consider the average call center representative takes upwards of 50 calls per day.  While many businesses focus resources on recruiting and training skilled agents or consider business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions, the most efficient way to outsource call center volume is by employing artificial intelligence.

AI technology has developed to be a sophisticated and reliable solution to the future of customer service. It utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to be able to detect customer intent, understand a wide range of vocabulary, and manage nearly all Tier One questions. In addition, it can be easily scaled up or down depending on call center volume.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI leverages a neural network of machine learning to constantly improve its ability to understand intents, add words to its vocabulary, learn new contexts, and reduce handle time. This ability to continually learn from its experiences makes it truly “intelligent.”

The Neural Network

The neural network is a composition of processing abilities behind machine learning technology. It uses training data to learn and improve so that, over time, its accuracy in responding to human inquiries improves. In conversational AI, this means adding new intents, words, and contexts to its repertoire so that the computer has the ability to speak more naturally with humans. 

AI & Scalability

Contact centers face many challenges today. Customer service representatives have one of the highest turnover rates in the country, which is why many companies turn to call center outsourcing. Recent research indicates that only one in three customer service representatives is engaged in his or her job. The overall labor shortage in all industries is growing. At the same time, customer expectations are rising and patience is waning.

Typical solutions such as adding human agents or hiring a BPO partner become long, tedious, and inefficient processes. Recruiting and training costs are skyrocketing. In addition, a study by IBM showed that 75 percent of all inquiries require manual research while only 25 percent provided valuable customer interactions.

From an operational cost standpoint, call center automation solutions are the future of customer service. They are the most effective way to quickly scale call center resources either up or down. They ensure contact centers can serve a virtually unlimited number of customers, improving efficiency and streamlining processes and workflows. When volume decreases, contact centers are not paying for unused resources.

The Future of Customer Service

Many contact centers may turn to offshore BPOs as an inexpensive solution to manage peak volumes in an effort to retain a company image or product brand. This option is extremely costly and training-intensive. Live agents require training each time a new client company comes on board, and turnover rates often require frequent retraining.

The future of customer service now includes conversational AI. This is a solution based on machine learning technology. Essentially, it only has to be trained once. The longer a company uses the system, the more it “learns” about common questions, inquiries, and needs of a specific company’s customers. 

Replicant’s Thinking Machine is the only call center outsourcing solution that continues to refine itself, by adding customer intents, industry-specific vocabulary, and knowledge on an ongoing basis. It is changing the future of customer service. Not only is it learning your customers as it works, charges are only incurred when it is used. This saves money for your company when call volume is low.

Replicant’s Solution

Replicant’s Thinking Machine is a contact center automation solution that features natural language processing capabilities. It allows the system to detect multiple customer intents. This helps your business quickly answer questions and resolve issues. The Thinking Machine is a much more efficient solution and eliminates the need for call center outsourcing. Try our contact center automation now.

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