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Enterprise Delivery Company Reduces Call Center Costs by 55% With Replicant Voice

Contact centers that are looking to scale service while also managing costs are turning to voice AI as an alternative to business process outsourcing (BPO). Using voice AI, they can deploy an additional “workforce” without having to increase headcount or take on the costs of outsourcing. Since AI has matured to the point where it can now engage in humanlike conversations with contextual understanding and realistic speech patterns, an increasing number of contact centers are examining whether voice AI is the right solution for reducing costs and ensuring business continuity in an unpredictable customer service environment.

Replicant Voice is a leader in voice AI for customer service. To help customer service leaders understand the business value of voice AI, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study on Replicant Voice.

The methodology

Forrester Consulting interviewed a major U.S. on-demand delivery company that uses Replicant Voice to uncover the cost and benefits Replicant Voice delivers. They explored how the delivery company was able to increase efficiency, scale to meet spikes in customer demands, and eliminate BPO costs by deploying Replicant Voice.

The results

The study found Replicant Voice can deliver a 110% return on investment (ROI) over three years. By using Replicant Voice, the delivery company:

  • Eliminated BPO costs, which reduced their call center costs by 55%
  • Realized benefits of $12.53 million over three years versus costs of $5.96 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $6.57 million

Scaling under pressure

The on-demand delivery company engaged two BPO providers to handle their call volume. But even with the extra agents, orders were getting backed up and customers were losing patience and canceling. On top of that, there were also the costs of BPO management and training. When the pandemic occurred, they saw a dramatic spike in orders at the same time their BPO service went offline. They needed to find a solution fast.

The company turned to Replicant Voice for its ability to elastically scale customer service capacity to meet customer demand, eliminate hold times, and manage unpredictable call volume demands. They were able to deploy Replicant Voice within six weeks and ultimately eliminate their need for BPO.

“We faced a pressing need to recreate our call center operations during the [COVID19] pandemic. What struck me was how rapidly Replicant surmounted the learning curve with its AI to replace this function. It was by far the easiest technology integration I’ve ever done. We had a fully operational capability in six weeks,” said the VP of product and operations.

“[The company] was able to reduce spend on FTE resources responsible for managing queue lengths and interventions during increased order spikes alongside costs associated with managing and training the BPO provider. In addition to cost savings, [the company] was also able to increase revenue by eliminating order cancellations caused by order delays from prior call-center inefficiencies after implementing Replicant Voice,” states the Forrester Consulting study.

How Replicant Voice works

Replicant Voice is an autonomous contact center that leverages voice AI to deliver always-on, elastic customer service capacity. Its Thinking Machine™ understands how humans naturally speak, responds in less than a second, resolves over 90% of Tier-1 customer service issues, and understands multiple intents with over 94% accuracy. It integrates with existing CRM and contact center software to authenticate callers, provide deep personalization, and automate manual work for agents.

Although Replicant Voice is customized to fit each company’s unique call flows, it can be implemented within weeks. As a result, contact centers see fast time-to-value.

“From order success to customer satisfaction, and in expanding customer options in how we compete in the marketplace, Replicant has been integral to what we set out to accomplish, and it is costing us significantly less to do so,” stated the delivery company’s VP of product and operations.

To learn more about how Replicant Voice drives efficiencies, scales contact center operations, and lowers costs, download the full Total Economic Impact™ study for detailed analysis of the findings.

Download The Total Economic Impact of Replicant Voice study

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