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How To Choose the Best AI Chatbot For Your Call Center

Consumers today are accustomed to looking for a “chat” button on any webpage they visit. Besides a phone number and email address, the ability to have an AI chatbot conversation is an expected channel of communication. It’s immediate and available around the clock, presumably able to answer questions or concerns when and where a customer desires.

Conversational AI and chatbots can vary in effectiveness. According to Forrester, “Chatbots can be a helpful tool . . . or a source of customer frustration.” Some chatbots are very basic with the ability to address only the simplest of inquiries. Other technology seems to serve as a bridge to a live agent, who may or may not be available around the clock. The best AI chatbot is one that has the ability to answer a wide range of Tier One customer questions on the spot without requiring any human intervention on the part of the user.

When selecting an AI chatbot for your contact center, you’ll want to take several factors into consideration. Things like integration into an overall omnichannel system, whether it can handle multiple languages and understand the natural conversation, and the level of data it can provide to help you continuously improve your customer experience will be essential to its overall success.

What is the best AI chatbot?

The best AI chatbot is programmed based on millions of real customer conversations so it comes into any new contact center well-versed to help address repetitive consumer inquiries. It can understand natural language, allowing customers to type as they speak into a chatbox, and determine multiple customer intents. The best chatbots are also integrated with other channels such as voice and phone to help deliver a comprehensive picture of customer interactions.

What are AI chatbots?

AI chatbots provide customer service through an online, real-time written conversation, usually on a business’s website. The idea is that as potential or current customers are exploring a site, they may have questions that need to be addressed immediately. The chatbot is then available to have an AI conversation when and where the customer desires.

What are the most important features of an AI chatbot?

In order to choose the right AI chatbot for their business, contact centers will need to ensure that the solution can switch between different channels seamlessly. This allows each customer interaction, regardless of channel, to maintain a single, continuous session state. Be sure the solution offers customizable and branded flex forms to facilitate faster information collection over all channels.

In addition, contact centers will want to offer consistent customer experiences that simplify automation across multiple channels and languages using a centralized conversation engine. Finally, be sure that your conversational AI solution can integrate seamlessly into your live agent platform so that any needed escalations can happen smoothly and with complete conversation notes. This eliminates the need for customers to repeat basic account information multiple times. According to Orbelo, one of “the most disliked aspects of customer service [is] having to repeat the same information multiple times.”

Replicant’s competitive advantage

Replicant’s conversational AI bot uses natural language processing (NLP) to fully resolve customer requests across all channels, including voice, text, and chat. This sets it above and beyond popular chat-only solutions like Drift. Replicant also better serves enterprise contact centers because it doesn’t immediately try to deflect customers to another channel and can be scaled limitlessly.

Try Replicant

If you’re ready to choose the best AI chatbot for your contact center, reach out to Replicant today. Our team has been implementing omnichannel contact center automation solutions for years, helping organizations just like yours improve their data analytics, operations, and customer satisfaction.

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