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Improve Customer Satisfaction with AI Customer Service

Customer expectations are incredibly high. Consumers are used to ordering products and services from their devices and getting them right away. Customers want around-the-clock access to problem resolution. They also want to communicate in whatever channel they prefer. They want questions answered accurately or requests filled immediately. 

“It has now become unthinkable to fail to provide real-time support. Whether it’s via live chat or chatbots, your business is expected to respond to customer queries 24/7,” stated a Fortune article. That’s why AI customer service must play a role in today’s contact centers.

While delivering good customer service has become table stakes, a bad experience can have dire consequences. In fact, according to another article in Forbes, 96 percent of customers will leave as a result of poor customer experience.

In addition, the measuring stick goes far beyond your company’s specific market. The Forbes article explained, “customers no longer compare you only to your direct competition. They compare you to the best service they have ever received from anyone … The benchmark may be set by companies outside your industry. These companies have given your customers their customer service education.”

How can AI be used in customer service?

AI can be used successfully in your customer journey by handling the myriad of basic, repetitive calls immediately and simultaneously. The vast majority of calls in many industries are tier-one in nature: account updates, order status requests, frequently asked questions, and so forth. Using conversational AI in customer service solutions can easily take care of these requests with zero wait time, freeing live agents to manage more complex inquiries that require human empathy.

How can AI improve customer service?

The main things that customers complain about when it comes to poor customer service include long wait times, the need to repeat information throughout the inquiry process, and the inability to obtain a resolution or an answer quickly. AI customer service can address all of these complaints.

For example, Replicant’s Thinking Machine can answer an unlimited number of calls simultaneously, which means that companies can eliminate hold time even during peak seasons. It also generates a complete conversation record regardless of channel, which allows a human agent to pick up exactly where Replicant left off, eliminating the need for customers to repeat information. For Tier One inquiries, Replicant can resolve issues and answer questions immediately, accurately, and without human interaction.

Replicant customers have consistently achieved high customer satisfaction scores as a result of its machine learning and natural language capabilities. The solution has been trained on millions of real customer calls, learning along the way. The learning continues once it is implemented in your organization, which means the tool will be more effective and efficient as time goes on.

A partner to live agents

Unlike some automation solutions, Replicant’s conversational AI customer service solution is not designed to replace live agents. In fact, part of its purpose is to make life easier for your customer service representatives. 

First, Replicant removes all the boring, mundane questions that live agents hate and answers them immediately. This allows representatives to work at the top of their skill level, solving more complex problems for customers and working with situations that require human empathy. This, in turn, means a higher level of agent satisfaction and lower turnover rates.

Second, Replicant takes complete conversation notes from all channels, providing agents with a history of interactions with the customer. This allows the agent to pick up where the automated solution left off instead of starting all over again. 

As a result, Replicant delivers exceptional agent satisfaction, which then plays a role in the representative being able to improve customer experience in person when needed.

Try Replicant’s Solution

Ready to embark on AI customer service and see your customer satisfaction scores increase? Scale up your contact center automation with our Thinking Machine. Our holistic and customizable approach to automation has delivered proven results, improving customer service, reducing costs, and helping customers succeed in multiple industries.

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