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Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions That Work

Imagine your customers ordering a product on your website and your company is able to recognize all their account information (and history) whether they chat, text, or call. That is exactly the kind of scenario that the best omnichannel contact center solutions can provide.

Contact center technology has evolved beyond simply improved efficiency of phone calls. It is now working toward providing an even more seamless, integrated approach to customer service. Omnichannel contact center solutions offer advanced features that are scalable, vastly improve the customer experience, and help deal with agent shortages.

What is an omnichannel contact center?

An omnichannel contact center is one that streamlines all customer interactions, regardless of channel, into a single workforce management solution. According to Gartner, live chat is the number one service choice for shoppers between 18 and 49 years old while Globe Newswire reports that three out of ten people would give up calls in favor of texting. 

Customers can now choose to call, text, or chat and an automated system driven by AI can respond. AI-driven contact center technology can retrieve and record the interactions for future use while providing data and analytics.

Why is omnichannel customer service important?

Excellent customer satisfaction is harder to achieve with rising consumer expectations. An omnichannel cloud contact center can help improve the customer experience by reducing wait times to zero and eliminating the need for customers to repeat themselves. It also contributes to live agent satisfaction by eliminating repetitive, boring inquiries, leaving them with more complex and challenging customer interactions. Contact center automation ROI can be significant.

How does omnichannel routing improve efficiency in the contact center?

Omnichannel contact center solutions can improve efficiency by using a single conversation engine. This engine leverages a shared intent library, which deploys and scales conversational AI rapidly across languages and channels for every automated conversation. 

In addition, these cloud-based call center solutions resolve issues naturally with seamless channel switching across voice, text, chat, and other digital channels. Customers can interact with you when and where they choose. 

Finally, the omnichannel call center software can analyze conversation transcripts for every customer interaction, regardless of channel. This information is displayed in a single dashboard that makes it easy to get the data you need to drive operational excellence.

Getting started

If setting up an omnichannel cloud contact center sounds too intimidating, it’s easy to get started in stages. You can start by automating a single contact driver over one channel.

For example, a hotel may choose to automate overflow reservations during peak vacation season by phone. Once that is working well, that hotel can add new contact drivers such as cancellations or billing requests. In addition, new channels such as text messaging or web chats can be folded into the AI contact center at a later time.

In the case of an auto insurance business, the highest priority may be to automate tax form information requests during one quarter of each year. Focusing on automating only that contact driver across all channels may relieve the company of enough volume to avoid hiring additional or temporary live agents.

Expected results

Besides improving customer service, reducing or eliminating wait times, and retaining more live agents in a tight labor market, omnichannel contact center solutions can be expected to see a significant return on investment. Replicant’s enterprise contact centers regularly return more than 55 percent in cost savings when compared to the cost of highly optimized business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

Our Solution

If you’re ready to embrace contact center technology in an omnichannel environment, we’d love to show you how contact center automation ROI can greatly benefit your customers, agents, and bottom line.

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