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Replicant Announces Expanded Support Across Messaging and Digital Channels

Automate Every Channel in Any Language

Early on in our company history, Replicant made the decision to focus on building customer service automation that was purpose-built for the phone, or in other words, voice-first.

We wanted to address the fact that while 76% of customers still prefer placing a phone call to contact customer service, the phone remained the most frustrating automated customer experience out of every channel. Think of the clunky menus with Interactive Voice Response (IVRs) and you’ll know what we mean. 

Because of this gap, we focused on perfecting our AI platform to offer the most natural human-to-machine conversations ever crafted. In the last few years alone, Replicant’s Thinking Machine has automated over 30 million calls for some of the world’s largest and most beloved brands. Along the way, we’ve successfully matched or exceeded the CSAT scores and average handle times achieved by human agents for those calls.

But, we’ve always known that to create truly exceptional customer service experiences, offering the Thinking Machine on a single channel wouldn’t be enough.

That’s why we’ve launched omnichannel capabilities that apply that same great voice experience across channels for consistency and ease of deployment – with a single, integrated conversation engine that powers all channels.

Now, the same conversation engine that finally cracked the code on voice powers a unified Contact Center Automation platform  – one that can resolve issues across voice, messaging, and other digital channels.

With Replicant, customers get a consistent experience, with seamless channel switching, across every touchpoint. Contact center leaders get visibility into cross-channel transcripts, in one dashboard. And agents get seamless handoffs for sensitive issues, without losing context. 

Unifying Customer and Agent Experiences 

The customer experience benefits of “meeting customers where they are” by operating on multiple channels is, at this point, well-studied; the most appropriate channel will vary depending on what the customer is doing, the action they’re taking, or simply their personal preferences.

Contact center leaders know this, but to-date it’s been surprisingly difficult to execute on. We consistently hear from our customers and prospects that they leverage different partners and platforms to automate different pieces of the customer journey.

This disparate approach leads to frustrating customer experiences, tool fragmentation for agents, and high operational overhead for the call center and IT teams who tie it all together. It can also scatter valuable data, and lock conversational insights in a black box. 

So why do they do this? Simply put, contact center leaders have been unable to find a partner who can meet all of their needs. 

Key Benefits

With Contact Center Automation, contact center leaders can leverage a single conversation engine to both simplify and supercharge their automation journey. 

Shared Machine Learning Brain Replicant’s proprietary AI engine understands the unique nuances of written and verbal communication to support natural communication for each channel. A shared intent library makes it easy to scale learnings across channels without repeating efforts.

Consistent Cross-channel Customer Experience We’ve all had the experience of repeating ourselves multiple times as we’re passed between parties and departments. Replicant integrates deeply into your contact center ecosystem to know where the customer has been, and what they’ve done, improving customer experiences and reducing average handle times.

Omnichannel Visibility with a Single Dashboard Replicant eliminates the need to pull conversation data from multiple sources by unifying conversation transcripts for every customer interaction, across all channels, in a single dashboard.

Seamless Live Agent Handoff Replicant integrates seamlessly with live agent platforms to handoff complex issues that require human empathy without losing customer context. It gives agents the ability to quickly understand the request, while making sure customers who need a live agent can get to one.


Replicant’s Contact Center Automation platform gives leaders a comprehensive option for omnichannel service. 

It provides relief in a time where companies simply cannot hire or retain enough agents, and it protects against rising unpredictable spikes in customer demand. 

On the whole, it simplifies a complex web of standalone automation solutions that have frustrated customers, agents, and industry leaders for years. 

With Replicant, contact centers can free up their agents to focus on more complex and engaging requests, and offer customers an unparalleled automation experience.  

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