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Replicant Named ‘Hot Vendor’ by Aragon Research

This month, Replicant was selected as one of four Hot Vendors in Conversational AI for 2022 by Aragon Research. The firm’s report identified vendors who offer technology solutions within the enterprise that ultimately improve the customer experience. 

“This recognition from Aragon Research validates that businesses are embracing Contact Center Automation and certifies our efforts to create scalable customer support that doesn’t compromise the customer experience,” said Gadi Shamia, co-founder and CEO of Replicant. 

“Our vision is to create an automation experience that is helpful, fast and pleasant to use that enterprises will want to continue to adopt, so we can change the state of customer service worldwide.”

As the leader in Contact Center Automation, this recognition is important to us for a few reasons:

1. Contact Centers Are in Crisis

Over the last year, we’ve heard story after story of contact centers struggling to hire enough agents, plan for unpredictable spikes in call volumes, and navigate economic uncertainty. 

These challenges have led to a customer service crisis that has put brands at risk and greatly reduced the level of service customers receive. We’ve made it a part of our mission to double down on Contact Center Automation to help companies automate their most common customer service calls while empowering agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer challenges.

With Replicant, contact centers are able to automate common customer requests 24/7 at  unlimited scale. On average, customers go-live with Replicant in 8 to 12 weeks, see a decrease in cost per contact of 50%, and improve average handle time (AHT) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).  

2. Human-to-Machine Conversations Power Everything We Do

To accomplish true Contact Center Automation, we developed the first “Thinking Machine,” a conversation engine capable of having complex, multi-intent conversations with humans to resolve common customer service issues.

It is through this technology that contact centers can offer seamless, automated experiences in any language, while gaining access to rich insights into every customer interaction via auto-generated and fully transcribed conversations.

The engineers and conversation designers behind Replicant’s Thinking Machine ensure that every conversation is the most effective and natural human-to-machine interaction a customer will ever experience. Meanwhile, continuous learning ensures that conversations with the Thinking Machine are always improving:

“What makes Replicant hot is its ability to continuously learn from its conversations and other knowledge sources to autonomously improve future conversations without the need to retrain or redeploy manually,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and lead analyst of Aragon Research. “The Thinking Machine also leverages a shared intent library so deploying new automated conversation flows across channels or languages is fast and consistent with Replicant.”

3. We Care About Our Customers’ Customers

Our inclusion in the Hot Vendors category wouldn’t be possible without the deep partnerships we have with our customers. Replicant’s technology isn’t designed to simply deflect callers or route them more efficiently, but instead to completely transform the customer and agent experience.

By working with contact center innovators from some of the world’s most reputable brands, Replicant has been able to apply the Thinking Machine to diverse  customer bases across industries – from Travel & Hospitality, to Insurance, to Retail & eCommerce, and many more. 

These partnerships have proven that a customer-first approach to Contact Center Automation can return exceptionally high CSAT scores with personalized interactions and branded experiences built for the modern age. They have also shown the ability to transform the agent experience by completely offloading  tier 1 requests that typically fatigue agents and lead to greater employee attrition.

4. We’re Just Getting Started

Aragon’s “Hot Vendor” report highlights a few of the capabilities that define Replicant’s technology: 

  • Completely automate the resolution of common customer service calls
  • Provide a rich library of pre-built conversation components to streamline the design and deployment of conversation flows 
  • Provide real-time visibility into conversations with rich analytics to uncover key trends and enhance the customer experience with self-service script editing

But beyond our core features, Replicant’s vision for Contact Center Automation continues to evolve. Just this year, we launched omnichannel support, giving contact center leaders the ability to deploy automation across channels faster with a single conversation engine. 

In addition, our recent $78 million Series B funding round will help us continue advancing Contact Center Automation for enterprise customers and generate even more value for contact centers – even as economic uncertainty persists. 

Replicant thanks Aragon Research for this recognition, as well as our customers, partners and amazing team for all their continued support.

Read the full press release here.

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