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Replicant Spotlight: Asante Muhammad, Customer Success Manager

Tell us about yourself! Where are you located and what was your path to joining Replicant?

I’m located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. I’ve been in the tech industry for some time, working at a few start-ups, and was interested in taking on a new challenge in my career. I had heard some exciting things about AI, and wanted to see what the buzz was about.

Once I came across Replicant, I watched the demo on the website and immediately recognized the power it offered. I knew this was a place full of exciting promise for growth and opportunity, and I was even more excited when I met the wonderful team during the interview process.

What team are you on and what are some of the main goals your team is focused on?

I am on the Customer Success team. Replicant is mission critical for our customers and our primary function is to support their success. We function as a quarterback, partnering with almost every other team internally as we strive to ensure that Replicant delivers exceptional performance, thereby satisfying their customers, satisfying them as clients and helping them accelerate expansion.

CSMs focus on:

  • Thinking Machine Success: How we define, track, and improve the KPIs to exceed expectations
  • Business Impact & ROI: Help the customer  realize value with Replicant’s Thinking Machine and align with broader business goals to help them expansd
  • Voice of the Customer: Become trusted advisors, build partnership at every level, and tell our customer stories

What does a typical day in your role look like? What kinds of projects do you work on?

CSMs spend our days either preparing for meetings with our customers, or holding meetings with our customers. In preparation, we build dashboards to measure success and monitor caller behavior trends, and serve as a liaison between Support, Leadership, Professional Services, Product, Thinking Machine engineers, and Marketing on behalf of the customer.

During the meetings, we discuss strategies to deliver the most value for our customers, and keep momentum going to achieve our KPIs. This culminates into Quarterly Business Reviews, or QBRs, which is where we help showcase how the Thinking Machine has helped our client’s organization achieve their goals, and keep their leadership informed and engaged. During QBRs, it’s essential we have a strong partnership with clients. This is their chance to show their own teams their accomplishments.

How do you work with other teams, such as sales or product, to ensure the success of our customers?

We partner with to identify new use cases that are fit for expansion, and we collaborate on maintaining a long-term client relationship. We partner with Professional Services team to ramp the customer up during implementation, and we also assist them in crafting the scope for future expansions.

We work with Product to build tags and dispositions in the Thinking Machine dashboard, optimize the conversation design, and share feature requests from our customers. We work with Marketing to share success stories of the customer provide platforms for them to share their thought leadership through webinars, speaking at Resolve, and various other activities. We partner with Thinking Machine engineers to improve the success of the Thinking Machine constantly.

What’s one thing you’ve learned while working at Replicant?

Trust is the most important component of a relationship, business or personal.

How would you describe Replicant in three words?

  • Pursuing
  • Continuous
  • Improvement

What stands out about the culture at Replicant?

I learn from everyone that I work with at Replicant. The level of talent and passion is extremely high, and it motivates me to bring my best work, knowing that my peers will do the same.

What has been one of your biggest accomplishments here so far?

I inherited a customer who was going through a very involved implementation. By providing white glove service, I was able to turn turn our relationship into a true partnership and get them through implementation successfully. A few months later, they were finding new use cases to expand the Thinking Machine to, and pushed us to the front of their IVR. The customer credited my dedication to our relationship as the reason why they began to see success from the Thinking Machine.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a Customer Success Manager at Replicant?

Our goal is to become the customer’s Trusted Advisor. We want them to come to us for consultation, rather than to simply “take their order.” This occurs by gaining their trust through transparency and preparation.

What excites you about the future of AI?

The possibilities are endless. Ideally, it is exciting to think about all of the ways that it can improve the standard of living for so many. AI could be used to remove the dull and mundane from our everyday lives.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Generating money on demand. Kidding (not really). Time travel would be pretty cool – I’d be very interested to see what technology looks like a few millennia from now. Also, a rewind button never hurt anyone before… I think.

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