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Replicant Spotlight: Raj Pandya, Sr. Software Engineer

Tell us about yourself! Where are you located and what was your path to joining Replicant? 

Hey, I’m Raj Pandya. I’m based out of Georgetown, Ontario, which is about an hour outside of Toronto. I have been part of the Replicant team for two years. Before Replicant, I worked as a Cybersecurity Consultant, which was an exciting field to be part of but chaotic at the same time. Ransomwares and email compromises around every corner!

However, as a Computer Science graduate from the University of Toronto, I was eager to return to my programming roots. I stumbled upon Replicant through LinkedIn and connected with a few of the engineers. I was impressed by the culture and the growth potential of the organization, which led me to make the decision to join this amazing team.

What team are you on and what are some of the main goals your team is focused on?

I work as an engineer on the “Coffee Squad” and have gained a lot of experience building magical machines. Our primary objectives are to create new Thinking Machines (TM) that not only meet, but surpass customer expectations. This involves constant collaboration with the Conversation Design and Customer Success teams. Thanks to the dedication of other team members such as Engagement Managers and QA specialists, we are able to deliver high-performance machines within three to six months.

How would you describe Replicant in three words?

Our CAA client summed it up perfectly, so I’ll quote them as it really resonates with us. We are “Partners, Not Vendors”. Our focus is on growth, employee satisfaction, and above all, customer satisfaction. We believe in supporting each other’s success and it’s a simple equation – if we are doing well, we can help others do well too.

What stands out about the culture at Replicant? 

I often come across online posts where people say things like, “You’re just a number” or “You’re replaceable” or “HR is there for the company, not for the employee,” and it doesn’t sit right with me. As a member of Replicant’s Culture Committee, I can say with confidence that our organization is committed to creating a great place for folks to work and we will do our best at avoiding becoming a siloed, profit-driven, hierarchical entity. I’m grateful that our culture fosters an environment where speaking up is encouraged, creativity is valued, and transparency is promoted at all levels.

What has been one of your biggest accomplishments here so far? 

Within six months of joining, I got to lead a project which has definitely been a highlight of my time at Replicant. I started working on this Thinking Machine in October 2022, and we were able to ramp up to full volume in February 2023. Currently, the TM handles roughly 2000 calls a day, with a resolution rate of around 50% and a success rate of approximately 75%! I am thrilled to be able to take all the insights and knowledge gained from this project and apply them to an upcoming project with a similar use case.

In your opinion, what is the most important skill or trait for a successful engineer at our company? How do you cultivate that skill or trait in your work?

Curiosity is essential to succeed and grow beyond the role of a Thinking Machine Engineer. Each of us has our own development silos where we work on our day-to-day tasks. However, to become a mentor and excel in our roles, we must step out of our comfort zone and be willing to ask questions. By doing so, we can expand our knowledge and be recognized for our contributions.

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Imagine having the power to heal just by touching, like Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender. If only it were possible! While Evelyn’s weekly desk yoga sessions have been extremely helpful, it would be amazing to be able to heal physical pain with a single touch!

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