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Replicant’s Conversational AI Platform

Founded five years ago, Replicant has been faithful to its mission of “crafting great human-to-machine conversations to improve consumer experiences and bring the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to contact centers.”

Our conversational AI platform is designed to handle a contact center’s most repetitive and frequent calls and questions, freeing live agents to focus on higher-level, complex problems that require human empathy and critical thinking. Learn more about how virtual agents are disrupting the industry.

What is the Replicant Thinking Machine?

The Replicant Thinking Machine is a conversational AI bot designed to handle all Tier One customer inquiries with zero wait time for the customer. It understands natural language and multiple customer intents, interacting very much as a human would. The Thinking Machine scales to any call volume, learning from every customer interaction.

What is the technology behind the Replicant Thinking Machine?

This technology is based on millions of live customer service calls and machine learning, utilizing conversational AI bots. Contact centers can expect Replicant’s Thinking Machine to be trained on its specific company and customer interactions in a matter of weeks with very few IT resources required. In addition, this cloud-based software solution continues learning as time goes on.

Our clients say it is one of the best conversational AI platforms available on the market today. Apart from resolving repetitive questions and issues at the first point of contact, our solution automates across channels, in any language, and provides management with valuable insights into customer interactions.

What is a conversational AI platform?

A conversational AI platform is a tool that uses sophisticated bots that can reach across multiple channels including voice, text, and messaging. Such an omnichannel platform is trained on millions of live interactions, continues learning over time, and uses natural language processing to understand multiple customer intents without human interaction. It can quickly and accurately resolve customer questions and issues.

What sets Replicant apart from other solutions?

Replicant offers a unique contact center optimization solution that can deploy within weeks. This is a much faster option compared to other call center technology solutions such as Amazon Lex or SmartAction. These types of technologies may take months or even years to build, implement, and deploy.

Our conversational AI technology can effectively replace common chatbot solutions or an interactive voice response (IVR) that focuses on deflecting callers as opposed to resolving issues. Instead, our omnichannel automation solution delivers consistent customer experiences across every channel, rolls up analytic data throughout the organization, and provides management with the data they need to continuously improve.

According to a Gartner review site, one user noted that “the system is very intuitive. We can report on a lot of different things that we did not have the luxury before to do…Replicant is quick to answer our concerns and a resolution in a timely fashion.”

Benefits of Using Replicant

Hundreds of contact centers around the country are using Replicant’s conversational AI platform successfully. Here are some potential benefits you can expect if you follow suit:

  • Eliminate customer hold time. An article on How Stuff Works reminds us that, “Angry customers who hang up after 27 minutes on hold are more likely to badmouth the company on Twitter or switch to a competitor. It’s called the ‘economic cost of waiting.’” Replicant’s clients can bring hold time consistently to zero as it can answer Tier One calls simultaneously using conversational AI bots.
  • Happier agents. Most customer service representatives hate the boring, repetitive nature of their jobs. Since Replicant automatically offloads the most mundane questions to a machine, live agents are free to take more interesting, challenging calls that can use their skill levels more appropriately. This leads to better job satisfaction and higher retention.
  • Cost reduction. Alternative solutions such as offshore business process automation (BPO), hiring more agents, or sub-par technology can be expensive. Replicant is proven to lower the cost of operating contact centers due to its ability to scale easily and “train” automatically.
  • Ongoing Improvement. Because Replicant can continue to learn with every customer interaction, the platform will get “smarter” as time goes on. In addition, contact center management will have access to complete data and analytics, providing the basis for smarter business decisions.

Learn More

The best way to know if Replicant’s AI solution is right for you is to watch a live demo and learn more. We will show you how our conversational AI platform can increase ROI and employee job satisfaction. Our team would be happy to help you explore the possibilities and help you automate your call center today.

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