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Ring for Assistance: How the Thinking Machine Automates Front Desk Calls

First impressions can make or break customer experiences. Unfortunately, most IVRs usually do the latter. That’s because IVRs often fall short of both customers’ and contact centers’ expectations. 

Some of the issues they’re susceptible to include:

  • High abandonment rates
  • Impersonal customer experiences
  • Inaccurate transfers
  • Complex, layered menus
  • Unnatural conversations
  • Outages and overloads
  • Inefficient agent handoffs

These issues can lead to serious costs, like a negative brand perception, lost revenue, and tumbling CSAT scores. That’s why more and more contact centers are ditching IVRs in favor of Contact Center Automation. Contact Center Automation provides customers with the modern experiences they expect while freeing brands from the rigid constraints of legacy IVRs. 

When contact centers deploy the Thinking Machine at the top of their phone tree (their “Front Desk”), callers are greeted immediately, customers get authenticated personally, and every request is routed with seamless accuracy. The result: every key metric, from containment rate to CSAT, sees an immediate improvement. 

What customers want, right when they want it

🔀 Effortless authentication and routing
Unlike rigid IVRs, Front Desk immediately gets customers where they need to go without the friction and frustrating experiences. Replicant routes customers to the right department with 99% accuracy, while lowering Average Handle Times along the way.  

🗣️ Allow customers to speak naturally
Proprietary NLU allows customers to speak freely to resolve their concerns. Keypads and repetitive menus are replaced with natural conversation where customers can state any number of requests and be understood no matter their language, dialect or background noise. 

📈 Risk-free deployment meets ROI
Replicant’s shared intent libraries and pre-trained models lead to lower AHT and equip agents with the context they need to resolve concerns quickly. Front Desk allows contact centers to deploy automation quickly, and immediately begin saving customers and agents time with more efficient handoffs and less time spent asking basic questions. 

🔍 Gain visibility into your greatest automation opportunities
With Front Desk, contact center automation is never a black box. Contact centers gain insights into every customer request with real-time analytics to understand the call drivers that are ready for automation. Front Desk is an ideal starting point for many contact centers to begin an automation transformation, first replacing their IVR and scaling to end-to-end resolution for their most common requests. 

Effortless authentication and routing with every call

Replicant’s battle-tested components are built based on millions of customer service conversations that scale the best of conversation design across every industry, encouraging customer adoption and improving ROI for our customers.

Front Desk allows contact centers to deploy automation quickly, and immediately begin saving customers and agents time with more efficient handoffs and less time spent asking basic questions.

How the Thinking Machine™️ Automates Front Desk:

Proven automation. Replicant has resolved 90% of common call drivers across millions of customer service interactions. With battle-tested conversations designed for trusted enterprise businesses, the Thinking Machine™️ brings out-of-the-box resolutions to appointment scheduling. 

Omnichannel made simple. Remove the guesswork from your automation implementation with exceptional experiences across channels powered by a single conversation engine. Customers receive consistent service across voice, chat and SMS, and can switch between channels for more efficient appointment scheduling. 

Seamless integrations. The Thinking Machine™️ is a natural fit with any tech stack. Replicant’s Contact Center Automation platform works with your IVR, CCaaS, CRM, and telephony to enhance, rather than replace, your existing technology.

Deep analytics. Get visibility into all support conversations and analyze insights from conversation data, success rates, unsupported call flows, CSAT, self-serve script edits, and more. Gain real-time visibility into each conversation using out-of-the-box or custom dashboards to optimize performance over time.

Natural conversations. Instead of an endless IVR or keyword-driven call trees, the Thinking Machine™️ is powered by cutting-edge NLU that allows customers to speak naturally when scheduling appointments. They can say things like “the Tuesday after next,” “sometime in the morning works great,” or even ask the Thinking Machine™️ to list available times. 


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