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Roadmap: Automate Appointment Scheduling With the Thinking Machine

Appointment scheduling can take up hours of your contact center agents’ time. But finding an automation solution that is fast, accurate, and cost-cutting hasn’t always been easy. Until now. 

Replicant’s Thinking Machine™️ makes it possible to create, change, confirm, and cancel appointments across every channel with Contact Center Automation. 

And with out-of-the-box features like Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, and integrations into any platform, contact centers can deploy a proven automation solution in just weeks. 

Week 1

Choose which appointment types to automate 

The Thinking Machine™️ is designed to fully resolve appointments that are high in volume and prone to spikes. Contact centers often choose to automate appointment types that take up the most agent time so they can focus on requests or specialty appointments that require greater context or human assistance. 

Week 2

Calculate your expected ROI

Based on the appointment type(s) you choose to automate, determine what a successful outcome looks like using benchmark metrics and goals and a solution-specific ROI model. Replicant uses existing customer data to recommend future use cases and build a business case for deployment by forecasting results against KPIs and initial costs.

Week 3

Perform technology assessment

Bring together IT, CCaaS, and telephony stakeholders to generate a comprehensive assessment of your technology stack. Replicant uses this stage to align integrations, connect with accurate data systems, and comply with your security and privacy standards.

Week 4

Design conversation with pre-built components

Determine which capabilities your business needs to create a new appointment. The Thinking Machine™️ comes with NLU and intent-recognition that continuously gets better through Machine Learning, meaning contact centers don’t have to dedicate resources to maintaining a cutting-edge solution.

Week 5

Deploy with confidence

The Thinking Machine is built on millions of conversations that resolves tier 1 concerns out of the box, meaning you can deploy with guaranteed success. Once deployed, contact centers can begin automating in a few ways. They can start by automating appointments 24/7, during spike or overflow events, or for a percentage of requests

Week 6+

Discover insights

The Thinking Machine™️ collects CSAT in real-time for every conversation, and surfaces insights based on conversation transcripts so you can A/B test new scripts to ensure constant improvement. Discover data-based improvement opportunities to offload more customer requests and compound ROI while freeing up more agent time.

Learn more about automating appointments with Contact Center Automation.

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