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Could an AI Call Center Totally Replace Live Agents?

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in just about every industry today. One of the main concerns about this technology is how it will affect the human job market. It’s understandable to wonder if an AI-based call center will replace human customer service representatives within a modern contact center setting. 

The answer is that an AI call center should not replace live agents. Instead, it should support and complement their work. An artificial intelligence call center should incorporate conversational AI technology to handle the most repetitive, frequent inquiries, relieving live agents from mundane work and eliminating customer wait time. This results in improved productivity and greater agent satisfaction. Read more in our Definitive Guide to Contact Center Automation.

What is an AI Call Center?

An AI call center incorporates technology to answer Tier One customer questions and inquiries automatically. Conversational AI can answer an unlimited number of calls simultaneously and often without human intervention. Complex calls are forwarded to appropriate human agents with full conversation notes to eliminate the customer needing to repeat information.

Will AI replace call center agents?

No, AI solutions will not replace live agents. Their purpose is to relieve the workload for human agents, freeing them to handle more complex calls that require human empathy. As many contact centers are struggling with labor shortages and employee retention, having a virtual agent can help close this gap and improve customer experience.

The combination of AI and humans in call centers is truly transformative. By using artificial intelligence, contact centers can fully eliminate hold times. This one change can make a significant impact on customer retention and satisfaction. According to Forbes, “fifty-seven percent of people think long hold times are a disappointing, unacceptable part of the service experience.”

Artificial intelligence can facilitate a consistent customer experience across different channels including voice, text, and messaging. This allows a true omnichannel experience, which not only serves customers better but also provides important analytic information for the business. McKinsey reports that advanced analytical data can help contact centers put customers first.

In addition, AI can reduce costs by engaging and retaining live agents. Their morale can be improved because they can give up the most repetitive and mundane calls. Increased agent retention leads to lower turnover rates and decreased training costs. It also eliminates the need for expensive business process outsourcing contracts.

How does a customer interact with an AI call center?

When customers call an AI call center powered by Replicant, they receive an answer to every call, chat, or text immediately. The caller can make their request in any language as naturally as if they were speaking to a human agent. They get their request fulfilled with the same natural-sounding conversation.

If our conversational AI solution is unable to fulfill a request, the system escalates the customer to an agent with a full set of notes so they are prepared to pick up right where the conversation left off. Clients that use Replicant in their call center often implement our conversational AI technology to make scheduling or reservation requests, manage accounts and order-related requests, and/or handle billing and payment inquiries.

How is implementation handled with Replicant?

Replicant integrates with every major Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, CRM, and telephony system as well as with custom in-house built systems. It is trained on millions of real customer interactions, which allows design and deployment to happen as rapidly as a few weeks. The longer a company uses the system, the more Replicant “learns” and improves its performance over time.

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