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The Best Contact Center Outsourcing Solution

Why The Best Contact Center Outsourcing Solution is AI

When companies consider a contact center outsourcing solution, they usually think about hiring a vendor that can provide the people-power to handle some aspect of their business. However, call center outsourcing is growing in popularity as rising attrition, higher wages, increased volumes, and the effects of The Great Resignation plague businesses around the country.

Unfortunately, business process outsourcing (BPO) vendors, a traditional solution of using offshore companies to handle contact center overflow, are struggling with many of the same human resource problems, which is increasing the cost of using such solutions. Instead, businesses must seek contact center outsourcing services that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

What is the best way to outsource your contact center?

Today, the most effective way to outsource a contact center is by turning to contact

center automation. Replicant’s Contact Center Automation solution returns 55 percent more in cost savings when compared to a highly optimized BPO. When compared with human agents, the automated solution completes 5 percent more inquiries and operates at twice the speed.

How do Tier One requests benefit?

According to Forbes, “Most consumers hate interacting with customer service. They’ve been conditioned to dread the interactions. By prioritizing first touch resolution, organizations of all types and at all levels of customer service can push back against those preconceived notions.”

Replicant resolves customer issues consistently and naturally with a centralized AI brain, which leverages a shared intent library across languages and channels. This means faster resolutions to simple, Tier One questions and problems – regardless of the channel.

Whether your prospects or customers want to contact you by phone, text, messaging, email or visual interactive voice response (VIVR), your organization will be available. Replicant offers seamless channel switching across all channels, quickly and immediately resolving basic questions, inquiries and problems with no human interaction.

How do Tier Two requests benefit?

Contact center outsourcing though an AI-driven solution can benefit Tier Two and higher customer requests and inquiries as well.

One major pet peeve of customers is the need to repeat, retype, or rekey the same information over and over again. An article in Forbes reiterated the fact that when there is a problem, customers only want to “tell their story one time. Customers expect no repeats, one answer and multiple channels.”

With a solution such as Replicant, any question or inquiry that comes into the automated system is fully recorded. That means if Replicant cannot resolve the issue, escalations are routed to the appropriate agent with full notes and context so the human agent can pick up right where the automated system left off–not start all over again. The information is seamlessly integrated into the platforms agents are using, making it easier than ever to address customer and prospect questions and inquiries.

A foundation for continuous improvement

Contact center outsourcing solutions that use technology do much more than simply answer customer inquiries and questions.  AI and ML can actually do a little more heavy lifting. With Replicant, contact center leaders gain visibility into all customer support conversations across every channel in a single dashboard. Managers can easily monitor conversations and analyze insights from conversation data, including success rates, unsupported flows, customer satisfaction scores and auto-captured dispositions.

Outsourcing to a traditional BPO does not provide this ability to fully leverage the potential of a company’s rich customer data.

Try Replicant

Successful call center management is all about reducing or eliminating hold or wait times, answering customer or prospect questions, and resolving problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Contact center outsourcing solutions that use technology are the best way to deliver better, faster and more accurate resolutions. Check out Replicant’s contact center automation ROI calculator to see how much your business can save.

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