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The Future of FAQ Automation: Introducing GenAI Answers

For years, Replicant has been powering better customer experiences for some of the world’s largest contact centers, with over 55M+ automated calls across use cases like appointment scheduling, payments, order management and more.

Now, we’re bringing that same success to one of the highest volume call types in contact centers: FAQs.

GenAI Answers is a game-changing product that enables enterprise contact centers to fully automate both frequent and infrequently asked questions with unprecedented success.

Currently, these call types represent a costly portion of contact center volumes, characterized by highly repetitive tasks for agents and unreliable experiences for customers.

By harnessing the latest AI advancements, GenAI Answers offers a revolutionary solution that enables organizations to leverage their existing systems of knowledge to deliver instant, contextual answers to every caller question.

In other words: minimal effort, maximum resolution rate and none of the headaches typically associated with trying to build an enterprise solution on top of an LLM yourself.

GenAI Answers is already delivering reduced average handle times, increased net savings, improved customer satisfaction and more agents available to tackle complex issues. Let’s get into how.

Infinite answers, one solution

  • Instant answers that sound like your best agent: GenAI Answers provides rapid, contextual responses that offer an unprecedented human-like experience. This experience, backed by Replicant’s proven conversation design, ensures customers receive the information they need without the frustrating wait times or disjointed IVR menus.
  • Guardrails for safe, accurate responses: GenAI Answers is built with the same enterprise-trusted safeguards that power Replicant’s suite of LLM features. These guardrails ensure that every response is reliable and grounded in factual information, maintaining your standards of quality and reliability.
  • Flexible design for quick implementation: GenAI Answers boasts a flexible design that can be launched with any knowledge base within weeks. This approach to integration was specifically chosen to allow organizations to connect with disparate content sources and implement faster than with any other strategy.
  • Continuous improvement of knowledge quality: Through Smart Suggestions, GenAI Answers automatically recommends content improvements, helping organizations continuously refine their knowledge base and boost resolution rates over time. GenAI Answers was designed to not only scale with changes to your knowledge base, but ensure customers always receive the latest, most accurate information to any question. 
  • Seamless integration with automation workflows: GenAI Answers integrates effortlessly with existing automation processes and escalation paths. This ensures positive caller outcomes for more than just FAQs by stacking the benefits of GenAI Answers on top of existing workflows and future use cases, enhancing overall efficiency and consistency.

Case Study: GenAI Answers in action

GenAI Answers is no experiment. In fact, it’s already returned remarkable results at organizations that seized the opportunity to deploy the beta product and have since launched in full.

In early 2024, GenAI Answers was added to a leading health and wellness provider’s Thinking Machine to address the shortcomings of their previous FAQ automation solution and scale the impact they were already seeing with Replicant in other use cases.

Previously, this provider had struggled to offer accurate answers to common questions, leading to a high rate of agent escalations and abandoned calls, which negatively impacted customer experience and lead conversion.

After implementing GenAI Answers, the healthcare provider witnessed a remarkable improvement. Callers immediately began receiving precise answers to a wide range of inquiries, resulting in:

  • 5,000+ questions answered per month
  • 20% of call volume automated
  • 29% higher success rate compared to the previous solution
  • 11% increase in CSAT

With GenAI Answers enabling members to receive no-wait resolutions to even more request types, agents were further freed to spend time on more urgent clinical calls. For the business, that meant less reliance on temporary employees, better agent experiences, more consistent member experiences and higher net cost savings.

See how GenAI Answers fits into your contact center

When done right, generative technology holds the potential to drastically improve both customer experiences and contact center operations. But when done wrong, there are dozens of ways organizations can put their callers, their brand and their bottom line at risk.

Replicant is proud to deliver contact centers the full power of GenAI Answers alongside equally full peace of mind, backed by deep conversational AI experience and a proven approach to enterprise safety.

Learn more about how GenAI Answers can start resolving all your callers’ questions in a matter of weeks with a customized demo

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