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Which Call Center Software Do Businesses Use?

Which Call Center Software Should I Use?

Selecting the right call center software can be a dizzying task. Many point solutions, as well as enterprise-wide systems, are available, each promising a myriad of benefits. To make the best choice, it’s important to understand how solutions not only work individually but together. 

The call center software that any business chooses must seamlessly integrate with both their customer relationship management (CRM) solution and their call center platforms. Let’s explore a great option that top companies rely on.

CRM and Contact Center Automation

A CRM solution is important as it helps companies keep track of all kinds of customer data such as names, contact information, and interaction history. A CRM system helps customer service agents not only provide better service but also collect information that can be used for future marketing and sales efforts that can contribute to business growth. 

An accurate CRM record can also help representatives develop a personal rapport with each customer by personalizing future interactions. These interactions are key to assisting the agent with upselling or offering new or complementary products. Replicant’s contact center automation system seamlessly integrates with any CRM solution and call center platform to create personalized, automated responses, resolving customer issues over any channel.

Replicant vs. the Competition

Replicant’s solution has risen to the top time and again against the competition. Customers who have tried multiple solutions share why they prefer Replicant. In the end, it simply comes down to easier and faster implementation, increased resolution rates, and a decreased number of escalations.

Here are some common customer experiences after making the switch:

  • From SmartAction. After a single month of moving to Replicant from SmartAction, customers report a 300 percent increase in a success rate increase. Clients cite Replicant’s sophisticated conversational design, extremely accurate customer intent extraction, and high CSAT scores that are on par with those earned by live agents as benefits.
  • From Amazon Lex. As companies who choose Amazon Lex struggle through months or sometimes even years of implementation in order to launch an enterprise-ready solution, Replicant clients can deploy in weeks. This is due to its superior pre-built use cases that are designed to serve any industry and automatically resolve more than 80 percent of customer inquiries.
  • From Interactions. Interactions, like any legacy platform, requires constant human intervention and manual updates from an overworked IT staff. Following a deployment that is 50 percent shorter, Replicant delivers a resolution rate that is three times greater than legacy systems. In addition, the number of calls that require escalation to live agents is cut in half. 

Our Call Center Software Solutions In Detail

Based on years of experience, Replicant offers a suite of cloud-based solutions designed to meet every business’s contact center needs. Here are the highlights:

  • Thinking Machine. This solution leverages proprietary transcription, inference classification, and named entity recognition models. It also has a high-performance NLU engine that features built-in continuous learning abilities. As a result, Replicant delivers a word error rate that is 20 percent lower than Google’s and reaches an impressive 96 percent peak inference accuracy. It can extract rich context from unstructured inputs and delivers a near-instant 20-millisecond response time.
  • Powers. This is an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box contact center automation feature that allows businesses in any industry to optimize call flow. Hundreds of pre-built components eliminate time-consuming and expensive IT development costs, allowing companies to easily scale the best conversational design principles across every use case.
  • Omnichannel. Omnichannel capabilities mean that Tier One customer issues can be consistently, naturally, and automatically resolved. Leveraging a centralized AI “brain,” Replicant uses a shared intent library across languages and channels for faster resolution, regardless of channel. The solution offers seamless channel switching across voice, SMS, VIVR, and chat for common inquiries, escalating more complex questions to live agents without losing existing context.

Such capabilities will put adopting companies ahead of their competition. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2026, “organizations that develop trustworthy purpose-driven AI will see over 75 percent of AI innovations succeed, compared to 40 percent among those that don’t.”

The Importance of Integration

To optimize contact center automation, software solutions must integrate with one another to provide a seamless experience for both customers and agents. Replicant offers CRM integration with technology like Salesforce to ensure that customer records are updated after every interaction. 

This integration also means that agents can personalize each client experience. For example, if a representative can see a customer’s order history, that agent can suggest a complementary product that may be on sale this week. This personalization can make the customer feel known and understood.

Replicant can also seamlessly integrate with contact center software like Zendesk, which provides representatives with a comprehensive historic record of customer interactions. 

Data-Based Decision-Making

Although customer-rich, accurate, and comprehensive data are critical to each customer interaction, that data can provide the foundation for overall analytics as well. Management gains visibility into all customer support conversations across every channel in a single dashboard. Success rates, unsupported flows, CSAT scores and auto-captured dispositions are highlighted so that managers can make immediate improvements such as updating conversation scripts to be more effective.

Learn More

If you are responsible for finding the best call center software solution at your company, request a demo now. We’d love to learn more about your business and share our capabilities with you.

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