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Chatbots Aren’t Enough

This guide dives into how IVRs, standalone chatbots, and agent assist technology are no longer enough.
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With hiring challenges and unpredictable call volumes on the rise, contact center leaders must look to new solutions to resolve common, high-volume customer service requests so that agents can focus on resolving more complex issues.

Up until now, contact center leaders have relied on IVRs, standalone chatbots, and agent assist technology to help reduce the burden on agents. But, these solutions are no longer enough. They create frustrating and disjointed customer experiences that deflect, rather than resolve support issues. The result? Agents are still left resolving high-volume repetitive cases, while contact centers continue to face rising costs and customers are left on hold.

This guide will walk you through how Replicant is more than just a chatbot. You’ll learn the problem, solution and benefits that Contact Center Automation is addressing.

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