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5 Reasons Contact Center Agents Love Replicant

These days, there’s no shortage of reasons contact center agents might be questioning their relationship with their job. 

The “Great Resignation,” spiking call volumes, and market unpredictability have forced agents to pick up extra slack – whether it’s overtime hours, additional shifts, or even multiple customer conversations at once. 

But for agents working alongside Replicant’s contact center automation solution, their day-to-day has never been more efficient. 

That’s because Replicant is unlike anything else. It’s not just a routing solution, or an agent assist tool, or a chatbot – it’s a comprehensive automation platform built to serve customers and collaborate with employees without sacrificing CSAT. 

The result is a transformative solution that contact centers and customer service agents love. Five reasons why:

1. It takes care of the repetitive calls

Replicant’s Thinking Machine acts as a first line of defense for contact centers by completely resolving tier-1 customer requests with the most natural sounding human-to-machine conversations ever crafted. 

Replicant doesn’t aim to displace your existing contact center or human agents, rather we do what machines are good at: taking care of repetitive and mundane work and letting human agents respond to calls that require more empathy and creativity.

For the agent, this means more of their time is used on engaging customer interactions and conversations that allow them to establish relationships with creativity and empathy. 

2. It automates the back office work

Replicant doesn’t just automate customer requests, it automatically transcribes conversations, tags channels and intents, and compiles data for easy, non-manual reporting. Agents working in a multi-channel environment no longer have to search through calls, texts, and chats to investigate request histories – they can see entire interactions in one single thread. 

Replicant also seamlessly integrates with the most common contact centers, e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and custom-built proprietary technologies and platforms. These integrations allow the Thinking Machine to make record updates, open support tickets, authenticate customers, and more – all on its own. Agents are able to spend more time with the customer and less time watching administrative duties pile up.

3. It sets customers up for success

Replicant’s Thinking Machine never aims to prevent a customer from speaking to an agent. Our contact center integrations make it possible to seamlessly escalate and transfer calls to a live agent. In these instances, relevant context is sent to the agent’s console, including caller information, the reason for transfer, and auto-generated, detailed call summary notes. Agents can now understand what steps were taken prior to call escalations, so they don’t waste time repeating the same prompts and inadvertently frustrating customers.

It also more accurately routes customers to the correct lines of business, eliminating downstream issues caused by inaccurate IVRs and bringing agents happier customers who have already made progress in getting their requests addressed. This is even more important in an environment where up to 81% of customers have recently abandoned a call due to a frustrating IVR experience. 

4. It’s always getting smarter

Replicant’s solution isn’t built to require constant maintenance and attention in order to remain state-of-the-art. The Thinking Machine collects knowledge from every call in a central neural network that becomes smarter over time so that customer conversations improve without needing to deploy new call scripts. When you work with Replicant, you also acquire an experienced team regularly optimizing and testing new scripts or call flows requiring little effort from your team. 

This means agents don’t have to worry about an automation solution that slips or loses efficacy over time, which would cause more escalations for tier-1 requests. It also means Replicant’s analytics dashboard can automatically surface unsupported call flows that are ripe for automation. The sooner Replicant’s Thinking Machine is online, the sooner it can begin optimizing how your contact center makes the most of agent time. 

5. Less stress, more time

It’s hard to offer agents growth opportunities and professional development time when every shift is a non-stop barrage of calls, texts, and chats for up to 10 hours at a time. But with Replicant, contact centers get the breathing room to offer agents time to upskill, earn certifications, and even learn the ins and outs of conversation analysis through Replicant’s end-to-end dashboard.

Since Replicant’s Thinking Machine can scale to handle an infinite amount of requests at once, 24/7, contact centers can begin to schedule smarter with an always-on, infinitely scalable solution. Managers using Replicant rely less on forecasting models that attempt to predict call volumes and instead optimize their workforce management around agents while the Thinking Machine stays ready to take overflow calls or unpredictable spikes.

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