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Consumer Services

CAA Club Group Doubles Call Completion Rate

By adopting AI & automation, Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) no longer has to hire 40+ agents for seasonal spikes and their NPS has risen to 82.

Partnering to drive results

Replicant was deployed to automate credit card payment, emergency roadside calls, membership renewal and more
  • 8wks
    Time to Deployment
  • <1%
    Agent Escalation Rate
  • 40+
    Agent Capacity Equivalent

Company Details

  • Industry:
  • Size:
    2.5 Million Members
Use Cases:
    • Credit Card Payments
    • Payment Updates
    • Inbound Emergency Roadside
    • Tow Truck Dispatch
    • Outbound Status Updates
    • Account Management

Unexpected Call Volume Surges & Agent Shortages

As a business that provides roadside assistance, amongst other services, CAA could never staff their contact center appropriately to handle unexpected call volumes due to inclement weather. This lead to CAA being understaffed leaving their customers with long wait times and their agents suffering from burnout. They had used automation prior to Replicant, but we're not seeing the results they needed.

Elastic Capacity, Improved Agent Efficiency & Higher Customer Satisfaction

An Extra 40+ Agents, On-Demand

CAA is able to meet customer demand and handle calls with zero wait time with Replicant to get their Members to safety faster. During winter when call volume spikes, Replicant seamlessly scales up to handle the equivalent call volume of 41 agents.

Happier & More Efficient Agents

With the robust analytics and conversation data provided by Replicant, agents now have context as to why customers are calling without needing the customer to repeat themselves. The agents now feel in control during peak seasons.

Customers Who Say 'Thank You' to a Machine

With their previous solution, CCG Members often complained about not being able to have the auto-attendant understand their requests. Now, CCG has an NPS of 82 for Road Service calls completed by Replicant. Member are even leaving compliments.

Higher Resolution Rates Leads to Up-leveling Agents

On a normal day, Replicant handles nearly 30% of CAA’s total call volume. Of these calls. Compared to their previous solution, Replicant is has increased the completion rate by 2x. As a result, they are able to up level their agents and create greater upward mobility

Having implemented Replicant, we are prepared for whatever may come. Whether it’s an economic downturn, a spike in call volume tomorrow, or hiring challenges, we will be able to answer calls because of the automation we already have in place.
Steve Bennet
Supervisor of Dispatch
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