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Automate every channel

Resolve common issues across voice, text, and chat with a single conversation engine.

Centralized conversation engine to resolve customer issues across any channel

  • Voice calls
    Machine-powered conversations that are natural sounding and resolve customer issues quickly.
  • SMS text messages
    From resolving an issue to sending customers links and documents, automate your text support.
  • Web chat
    Resolve customer support issues with automation that’s more sophisticated than a simple chatbot.

Help your customers where they are

Natural conversations across every channel

Power voice and messaging channels with a central conversation engine that uses the most advanced AI and machine learning technology to create smooth, on-brand conversations.

Automation that doesn’t sacrifice CSAT

Provide customers with consistent and reliable experiences that eliminate wait times regardless of the channel they reach out to.

Deep analytics and actionable insights

Analyze transcripts for every customer interaction across every channel in a single dashboard that makes it easy to get the data you need to drive operational excellence.

By implementing Replicant, we have been able to create consistency in the customer experience. Our customers can expect the same high level of service regardless of which channel they choose to interact with us through. That has been huge in creating trust in our brand with our customers.
Kelsey Holshouser
VP of Customer Experience at Because
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