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Telehealth Company with 1000+ Agents

Learn how this leading telehealth company automated more than a third of their call volume

Partnering to drive results

A quickly growing telehealth company could not efficiently expand service to meet demand until they deployed Replicant’s Contact Center Automation.
  • 94%
    Issues successfully handled
  • 12
    Weeks to scale
  • 4.4
    CSAT score

Hiring agents was getting too expensive

This telehealth company had over 1,000 agents across two contact centers. As their business continued to grow, hiring more agents was proving to be too expensive and difficult to manage.

Lowering call center costs without sacrificing CSAT

Automating 33% of inbound volume

Replicant resolves requests like updating a credit card or mailing address, providing billing information, and other common issues with 90% success.

Scaling customer service with growth

Before Replicant, customer growth outpaced capacity. Now the company offers 24/7 service with zero hold times, no matter how many customers they get.

Automation that customers enjoy

Self-service empowers customers to quickly resolve their issues with zero wait times — an efficient, effective experience leading to higher CSAT.

Reducing operational costs

Replicant’s per-minute-usage-fee is less than an agent’s rate, enabling the company to reduce recruiting and training budgets and steeply lower costs.

Replicant offers a truly intelligent thinking machine that allows our company to remove the "busy work" type calls from our team members and open them up for true problem solving and building customer relationships.

Senior Manager, Customer Experience at Telehealth Company
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