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AI Customer Support: How to Enrich Your Customer Experience

Years ago, if you asked customers what they thought of AI customer support, you would have likely received negative feedback. The first of these solutions often involved complicated phone trees and endless automation loops. The customer journey was often characterized as an attempt to reach a human being in a desperate attempt to resolve an issue.

Fortunately, AI in customer support has improved greatly in recent years, allowing consumers to ask questions to a computer in the same way they would ask a live agent. For example, Replicant’s conversational AI solution uses natural language processing to understand multiple customer intents. The system resolves repetitive, common questions without human intervention or wait time. As a result, customer satisfaction is increased and feedback is positive.

How can AI automate customer support?

Implementing AI customer support means that the majority of Tier One questions can be immediately answered with zero wait time or human intervention. Automation on this level frees live agents to deal with more complex requests that require active listening. This combination of virtual and human agents results in more efficient and faster problem resolution. Over time, it has been shown to support increased customer loyalty.

How AI can improve the customer experience?

According to Forbes, “The level and quality of service that customers receive from companies is a key feature of the experience it provides. Contact centers play a big role in this – if customers know they will spend a long time ‘on hold,’ be passed between multiple departments or end up speaking to poorly trained advisors who can’t help them solve their problems, they are unlikely to rate their experiences with that company highly.”

Today’s contact center can deliver a superior customer experience using AI customer support solutions. Product knowledge as well as common customer inquiries can be learned by the system – which can then respond quickly to frequently asked questions and requests. Hold times are eliminated. Customers get the answers they need quickly and efficiently. The system can even be scaled up during high-volume periods. The result is improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Benefits of AI customer support

Implementing an AI-based customer support solution delivers many benefits to your contact center. Here are some primary ones:

  • Better service. First and foremost, your customers will receive higher quality, faster service. If they have a Tier One question, they would not have to wait as calls can be answered immediately and simultaneously. If a call needs to be escalated, a full transcript is sent, eliminating the frustration of repeating information.
  • Happier agents. Since agents can be spared answering the same repetitive, mundane questions repeatedly, they will be more challenged in their jobs. If they find the work more fulfilling, they will be less likely to leave your organization.
  • Lower costs. Replicant’s conversational AI customer support solution has been proven to reduce costs by as much as 55 percent when compared with expensive business process outsourcing or additional hiring efforts. In addition, training new agents can be expensive with the high turnover rates currently seen in contact centers.
  • Loyal customers. Finally, if customers have a good experience, they will not only keep coming back but also be an excellent referral source for friends and family. 

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If you’re ready to learn more about how AI customer support can help your company or organization, reach out to our team today. Schedule a customer service automation demo that will illustrate how Replicant’s conversational AI solution can make a big difference in your contact center.

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