Call Center Outsourcing or Conversational AI?

How AI Conversations Enhance Call Center Customer Service

As businesses look for call center outsourcing solutions, it’s easy to understand why call center customer service is a major concern for their organization. After all, when a customer calls with a question, complaint, or request, that’s an opportunity to fulfill a concrete need—or a chance to foster frustration.

According to Customer Contact Week Digital, three-fourths of all surveyed companies ranked first contact resolution and customer satisfaction as the most important metrics to their organization. The future of customer service will rest on how effectively and efficiently contact centers can resolve customer calls. Our Thinking Machine promises to play a role in helping businesses do just that.

What is call center outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is a strategy used by a company’s contact center to manage some or all of its inbound customer service calls. Third-party vendors, often offshore, may handle a specific portion, a particular type, an allotted overflow, or even all incoming client calls.

What are the benefits of conversational AI vs. call center outsourcing?

Conversational AI (artificial intelligence) is the future of customer service. Instead of call center outsourcing, AI technology allows businesses to:

  • Fully resolve common issues without having to staff live agents.
  • Handle first-tier inquiries and questions with no human intervention.
  • Easily scale up.
  • Give customers 24/7 access to customer service agents with zero hold times.

Will AI technology satisfy customers?

When it comes to call center technology, the most important question is how customers perceive the solution. According to Hubspot, more than half of all people in all age groups still prefer to use the phone for customer service inquiries. Conversational AI solutions like Replicant’s Thinking Machine allow customers to use their preferred channel of communication to fully resolve issues without having to wait for a live agent or navigate frustrating, rigid interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Conversational AI offers the most advanced human-to-machine conversations available today. Interactions are lightning fast, accurate and, most importantly, don’t require customers to repeat themselves.

In addition, the longer a conversational AI system works with your organization, the smarter they get. Using machine learning technology, conversational AI can begin to recognize customer intents, recognize patterns in queries, and even deliver analytics to help a company improve its products and services.

As a result, conversational AI has proven to drastically increase customer satisfaction scores while optimizing their call center operations as a whole.

Natural, free-flowing conversations.

The Thinking Machine begins by inviting free-flowing conversations with customers, similar to online chatbots. Over time, it can bring to the surface unsupported flows in your contact center’s processes as well as allow you to instantly edit scripts for improvement.

Conversational AI can sit in any layer of your contact center, replacing IVRs or acting as a virtual agent to resolve calls. It can also intelligently handoff escalations with auto-generated authentication and call summaries to help live agents resolve more complex questions or inquiries.

Finally, a solution like this allows contact centers to obtain deep, granular insights into their conversation data to fuel call center, product, and service improvements over time.

Replicant’s Call Center Outsourcing Solution

Replicant’s conversational AI solution offers natural language processing capabilities, allowing the system to detect multiple customer intents and help your business quickly answer questions and resolve issues. Learn more about how Replicant can serve the needs of your call center.

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