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Southwest Medical Imaging Answers 20% More Calls

See how Southwest Medical Imaging (SMIL) increased their agent capacity, lowered call abandonment rates and improved the patient experience with Replicant.

Partnering to drive results

Replicant was deployed to fully automate appointment cancellations and confirmations so agents could concentrate on more complex issues.
  • 700
    Automated Calls Per Day
  • 20%
    Increase In Agent Capacity
  • 20%
    Lower Abandonment Rate

Company Details

  • Size:
    670 Employees
  • Call Volume
Use Cases:
    • Exam Cancellations
    • Appointment Confirmation
    • Appointment FAQs

High Call Volumes & Low Agent Retention

Before partnering with Replicant, SMIL experienced many of the same challenges every contact center faces: high call volumes, difficulty hiring agents, and far too many routine requests. They turned to Replicant to automate calls related to appointment management and leverage the Thinking Machine to improve their previous answer rate of 73% and call abandonment rate, which hovered between 19% and 30%.

No wait times, lower abandonment rate & higher agent retention

Rapid service and up-to-date calendars

Replicant fully automates appointment changes for SMIL, a previously manual task that took up valuable agent time. Now, customers no longer need to wait and SMIL's calendars are updated in realtime, allowing them to capture more business.

Abandonment rates decreased to 5%

Replicant increased the capacity of SMIL's call center, boosting their answer rate and lowering abandonment rates drastically, from 25% to 5%.

Lower agent attrition

Now, it’s not uncommon for SMIL’s agents to have one day a week where they’re not needed on the phones at all and can instead learn new skills and focus on more strategic tasks.

Replicant takes up to 700 calls a day, which is pretty huge. That’s the kind of thing that contact centers without automation are missing out on. We’re taking those very repetitive calls off our agents’ plates and upleveling them to learn new skills and spend more time with patients.
Kim Wyszynski
Director of Contact Center
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