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Contact Center Technology in 2022

The Contact Center Technology Businesses Need in 2022

Every company relies on a group of loyal, happy customers to stay in business. In many cases, the main or sometimes only way a customer interacts with an organization is through a contact center. For years, this interaction was made by phone, but more recently, consumers prefer an omnichannel approach, giving them access to a business when and how they prefer. This demands sophisticated contact center technology to meet these customer expectations.

Today’s businesses need contact center technologies that will help answer customer questions, address complaints, and deliver what clients need quickly and efficiently. Long hold times, requests to repeat basic information, and multiple transfers are no longer acceptable.

What does contact center software do?

Contact center software is one variation of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. This particular technology should enable contact centers to efficiently and effectively handle all customer interactions as well as create better agent experiences by resolving Tier One questions and problems automatically and escalating only those customer requests that require human intelligence and empathy to live representatives.

Will call centers become obsolete?

No, call centers will not vanish but instead evolve into full-service contact centers. Interacting with customers by phone will be one of many ways clients can reach businesses. These call or contact centers will continue to be a vital part of the customer experience. In fact, phone contact is still the preferred method of communication in urgent or complex customer inquiries.

How can contact center technology calm irate customers?

Unfortunately, many callers who contact a business through a customer service line may be angry or upset due to an order problem, long hold times, or other difficulties. According to a recent article in USA Today, 81 percent of call center workers say they have suffered verbal abuse from customers. 

While some antiquated technology solutions like the old-fashioned phone tree can add to customer frustration, the best contact center technologies are designed to mitigate further problems and even de-escalate customer anger.

For example, Replicant’s Thinking Machine offers conversational AI capabilities, making it easier than ever to either resolve issues faster or connect customers to informed contact center agents more efficiently.

In many cases, Replicant’s solutions can resolve Tier One questions or issues with zero hold time or human interaction. If customers call with an urgent question, are very upset, or simply want to talk with a live agent, the Thinking Machine offers automatic call distribution that connects customers to a service representative along with a full text of the automated conversation that has already taken place.

This means that any initial information like account verification, authentication, or problem definition does not need to be repeated by the frustrated customer multiple times, which will reduce overall handle times.

Can agents monitor automated calls in real-time?

Yes. In the case of Replicant’s solution, live agents can monitor a powerful dashboard reporting system that automatically publishes transcripts as conversations are taking place. This contact center technology allows a customer service representative to intercept the automated interaction immediately. 

What about multi-lingual contact center support?

Replicant’s technology understands that businesses are functioning in a global marketplace today. As a result, the Thinking Machine can “speak” more than 50 of the most popular languages and dialects, allowing a wide range of customers to obtain the customer service they need from your organization.

Can Replicant manage fluctuating call volumes?

One of the strengths of Replicant is its ability to deliver exactly what an organization requires in terms of contact center support, no more and no less. Companies can simply delegate a certain percentage of calls to Replicant, have it spring into action at a designated overflow point, turn over the entire contact center to the Thinking Machine, or place the solution behind interactive voice response systems to handle particular inquiries. Request a demo now to learn more about Replicant’s conversational AI technology.

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