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Building the Contact Center Automation Category: Replicant’s $78M Series B

It was January 24th in Winnipeg, Canada. The temperature was close to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

It is never fun to be locked out of the car, but this day was particularly bad. As a loyal CAA (Canadian AAA) customer, Noah knew he would get help, but in those conditions, even a few minutes on hold would be brutal. Like in the US, the Great Resignation has wreaked havoc on Canadian call centers, and waiting for hours on hold became the rule, not the exception.

But when Noah called CAA, the phone didn’t even ring once before the call was answered, and a natural-sounding bot called a Thinking Machine answered.

Recognizing Noah by his phone number, it was quickly able to find his location, understand the problem, collect all the needed information, and send a locksmith his way in less than four minutes. 29 minutes later, help arrived and Noah was on his way.

The Thinking Machine managed 2,834 similar calls that day. 

We all dread calling customer service- now more than ever. Will it take 20 minutes? Will it take an hour? Will it take five hours? Navigating through options that “may have changed,” listening to marketing messages on a loop, and finally speaking with an agent calling in from somewhere on the other side of the world and in the middle of their night. While it is easy to be angry with the agents, it is hardly their fault.

They have to deal with unexpected call spikes due to the pandemic and supply chain issues, manage higher call volumes, and deal with angry customers. It is no wonder that over 50% of them reported taking anti-anxiety medications, and we can all assume the pandemic made it much worse. While companies do their very best to deal with higher call volumes and spikes, not enough agents want this work, and the ones who join often leave within months. 

If this seems like a huge problem to you, we are on the same page. This is why we started Replicant, and this is why some of the best consumer brands in the world are adopting our product. For 30 million callers, wait time was not an issue, and their problems were solved in the time it took to refill their coffee. With an 85% success rate, dozens of different types of calls that are now fully automated, and always-on availability, we are making a real impact on our customers’ business and reputation, but more importantly, on their customers as well. 

To help us keep building the future of customer service, I’m excited to share that we’ve raised a $78M Series B round to help scale our platform and team. This round will bring our total funding to $113M, will support our growth and help our customers automate more of their customer service flows across all channels.

New York based Stripes led this round, and Ron Shah will join Replicant’s board. Stripes has invested in prominent SaaS companies like and category creators like Udemy and Fullstory. Also joining this round are Salesforce Ventures, IronGrey, Omega Venture Partners, and Alumni Ventures. Our existing investors, Norwest and Atomic, also participated in the round. 

All of this momentum would not have been possible without the incredible employees of Replicant. I want to thank the Replicant team members- so many of you joined us without even a chance to meet in person. 

Also, my eternal gratitude to our first customers who believed in us and were willing to give us a chance- knowing that they were investing in powerful, but still early, technology. Those visionary customers are often the unsung heroes behind the success of so many SaaS companies. 

We are focused on developing our Contact Center Automation platform and helping more companies achieve customer service bliss. We plan to invest in expanding our platform and hone our conversations so we can resolve even more calls and service issues. We will continue to invest in our team to help them grow professionally and achieve their career goals.

Everything else falls in place when people like what they do and who they work with. We are in the early days of Contact Center Automation, and we could not be more excited for the years to come.

Thank you!

Gadi Shamia

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