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Traditional vs. Remote Call Center: A Comparison

When you think of a traditional call center, the image that comes to mind is one of the dozens of agents sitting in a room wearing headsets. However, as a business owner living in the post-COVID era, you’ve likely considered the possibility of a remote call center. With this solution, agents aren’t confined to a particular building, whether they work from home or an office. This freedom results in many advantages. 

Technology is at the heart of a remote contact center. Replicant’s call center automation is a conversational AI based solution that can make a huge difference in your company’s customer support as you move from a traditional environment to a remote one. As you transition, you’ll notice vast improvements in customer and employee satisfaction, overall efficiency, and company profit. 

What is the Difference Between a Remote Call Center and a Traditional One?

In a traditional call center, agents work in an office environment, complete with computers, headsets, and desks. Each agent takes calls as they come in and resolve customer problems. 

A remote call center solution that includes contact center automation can move partially or entirely to a virtual environment. Agents can then handle calls wherever there is an internet connection. This allows for greater flexibility and availability within the agent’s job.

How Does Replicant Make Remote Centers Possible?

“Remote channels – telephone and digital – have become steadily more crucial in managing customer relationships and generating revenues,” says an article by McKinsey. Moving customer interactions to a virtual environment became particularly crucial during the pandemic, but it remains important even outside of COVID. 

Replicant brings the benefits of a virtual environment to the next step, making it possible for call center agents to work remotely. This is incredibly valuable for companies that experience seasonal spikes and struggle to find and train new agents in a tight labor market. Current agents enjoy workloads reduced by automation, as well as the increased flexibility that comes with a remote environment. 

Benefits of Employing a Remote Center

It won’t take long to see improvements from Replicant’s solution. A better customer experience may be the most obvious. Automation reduces hold times so customers don’t have to wait for an agent to become available, and issues will often be resolved by automation alone. Those questions which require an agent will be seamlessly passed off to the appropriate agent with minimal wait times. 

Another area of improvement will be employee satisfaction. Agents will be free to focus on more engaging work instead of tedious and repetitive customer requests. In this way, it creates more opportunities for employees to grow in their careers.

Finally, automation allows for much better data and analytics. According to Forbes, “data today is like currency. It’s extremely valuable for successful call center management because it gives you insight into both your customers and your employees.” This data creates the potential for deeper insights, increased efficiency, and improved customer retention. 

Automation won’t just improve customer experience, agent satisfaction, and data storage. The advantages of automation will spill over into other areas of the business. More enjoyable jobs attract higher-quality agents, better customer experience causes more loyal customers, and improved data allows for constant improvement.

More About Replicant’s Remote Call Center Solution

Replicant’s remote call center solution makes it possible for your business to move to a remote environment. It uses the latest automation and artificial intelligence technologies to reduce agents’ workload, improve customer experience, and increase overall efficiency and profit. Regardless of industry, businesses need stellar customer service to surpass competitors. Learn what remote call center ROI could look like for your business. Contact us today for a live demo.

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