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Visibility into every conversation

Analyze conversation data. Discover insights. Take action. All from a single dashboard.

Out-of-the-box & customizable analytic dashboards with data you’ve always wanted

  • Monitor conversations
    Monitor conversations in real-time and access fully transcribed conversations
  • Analyze conversation data
    Get real-time insights into dispositions, CSAT, escalation reasons and much more.
  • Act on insights
    Set up A/B tests and update call scripts with self-service editing to constantly improve conversations

Conversational insights are no longer a black box

Understand the voice of the customer

Get unbiased intelligence. Listen to, search, and get access to fully transcribed customer conversations.

Analyze conversation insights

Discover key trends. Get real-time visibility into customers’ reasons for contacting support, top performing conversation flows, and frequent escalation issues.

Take action immediately

Continuously improve conversations. Update conversations with point-and-click script editing to scale your best conversations to every customer with Conversation Builder.

Not only has Replicant allowed us to scale our call center operations, but it’s given us insights into caller behavior at a much deeper level than we could have expected - which ultimately helped us improve the customer experience.
Mike Bowman
Director of Customer Support Operations
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