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Generative AI

Unleash the Power of GenAI In Your Contact Center

Resolve more customer issues with Contact Center Automation powered by the latest GenAI technology

Generative AI is delivering 90% resolution rates in contact centers

  • Resolve more
    customer issues
    GenAI allows more flexible and complex conversations leading to improved call resolution rates, decreased average handle times, and fewer transfers to agents.
  • Up and running in weeks, not months
    Your Thinking Machine is built faster with less training, code and development.
  • Brand-safe conversations
    Built-in safeguards and controls ensure that every conversation is secure, on-brand and protects PII.

GenAI specifically configured to delight customers

GenAI Components

Accelerate the deployment of common use cases with GenAI Components that simplify the complexities of model training, prompting, and evaluation.

Custom Transcription

Accurate transcription of speech-to-text is crucial in resolving voice support issues. Our models achieve transcription accuracy up to 30% higher than general transcription models.

GenAI Answers

Automate the long tail of support inquiries by leveraging your knowledge base to provide safe, contextual answers.

Premium Voices

Our voices deliver an experience that is virtually indistinguishable from human agents, ensuring a delightful caller interaction with minimal latency.

AI Handoff

Enhance agent efficiency with GenAI-powered call summaries and action plans that enable agents to seamlessly pick up where the automation left off.

For us, the value of Replicant has gone far beyond containment - it’s about actually improving the customer experience and cost savings. It’s so much more than we could have imagined.
Rob Dunning
Operations Leader
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