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Financial services

Combating Seasonality With AI & Automation

Learn how ECSI scaled to handle seasonality and gain better insight into their customers’ needs

Partnering to drive results

ECSI’s Client Support and Customer Service ranked among the best in the industry. But partnering with Replicant helped them better manage seasonality.
  • 35k+
    Calls per month
  • 4.5
    CSAT Score
  • 6
    Weeks to scale

Spiking call volume during tax season

ECSI hired temporary agents to combat seasonality spikes in call volume — a costly and inefficient process. They needed a solution offering elasticity to account for higher volumes while maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction that ECSI prides itself on.

Gaining elasticity and insights for seasonal spikes

Answering tax and payment questions

ECSI first used Replicant successfully to authenticate customers and manage issues like 1098 form questions, balance inquiries and refund statuses.

Expanding to more complex use cases

ECSI next used Replicant for Loan Servicing, involving more complex and sensitive issues about documentation, loan profiles, and applications.

On-time launch and high CSAT

Replicant launched in 10 weeks and within three weeks scaled to handle 100% of the target volume of calls, all while achieving a CSAT of 4.5 out of 5.

Improving customer experience with data

Replicant dashboards reveal common reasons customers contact support, calls get escalated, and other data required to improve support experience.

Replicant has taken seasonality out of the equation. Whether one or 10K calls, the Thinking Machine handles them.
Mike Bowman
Director of Customer Support Operations
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