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Auto Insurance

Insurance Brand with 400+ Agents

Learn how a leading auto insurance company resolves 50% more calls using Replicant

Partnering to drive results

In just two months, Replicant was fully ramped and taking 100% of calls for this auto insurer's selected call drivers.
  • 80%
    Claims Success Rate
  • 4.4
    CSAT Score (Out of 5)
  • 4.1k
    Calls Automated per Day

Company Details

  • Industry:
    Auto Insurance
  • Call Volume:
    4.7M+ / Year
Use Cases:
    • Customer Authentication
    • Policy Management
    • Make Payments
    • Intelligent Routing
    • Request Documents
    • Account Management
    • Check Claims Status

Unpredictable Demand & Issues Hiring Agents

For over 60 years, this leading auto insurance company has provided five-star coverage to their members. Like many contact centers, their team was facing new disruption patterns, including unpredictable customer demand and difficulty hiring and retaining agents. They needed a solution to reduce agent workloads, improve the customer experience, and gather more insights about their callers.

Leveraging automation for consistent customer service

Quick integration with their systems

Even though the insurer had legacy systems and was undergoing a CCaaS system change, Replicant finished ahead of its deployment and scaling schedule.

Eight weeks to achieve 80% success rate

Replicant was able to authenticate callers, resolve the most common questions, and intelligently transfer specific issues to an agent with context.

Identifying unsupported call flows

Replicant organized previously-unstructured data, discovered call flows comprising 50% of call volume, and expanded automation to resolve these calls.

Replacing a disjointed IVR

Consistent containment rates allowed the insurer to expand Replicant to replace their IVR, bringing one brand voice to over 4.7M calls annually.

Replicant is a true partner in helping achieve your self-service and strategic automation goals. They are going to make sure you understand every step of the process and that you are getting the most out of their platform.
Operations Leader, Customer Interaction
Leading Auto Insurance Provider
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