Leading auto insurance company scales contact center with Replicant to answer 50% more calls

Partnering to drive results

Leveraging Replicant, this auto insurer with 60 years of experience expanded their automation capabilities while maintaining CSAT.
  • 50%
    Increase in call center capacity
  • 10
    Weeks to scale
  • 4.4
    CSAT score

Too many unanswered customer calls

Unpredictable changes in the world led to new workforce and customer patterns. An auto insurance company with nearly 60 years of experience had an urgent need to increase their automation capabilities to meet customer demand.

Leveraging automation for consistent customer service

Quickly integrated with their systems

Even though the insurer had legacy systems and was undergoing a CCaaS system change, Replicant finished ahead of its deployment and scaling schedule.

Eight weeks to achieve 80% success rate

Replicant was able to authenticate callers, resolve the most common questions, and intelligently transfer specific issues to an agent with context.

Identifying unsupported call flows

Replicant organized previously-unstructured data, discovered call flows comprising 50% of call volume, and expanded automation to resolve these calls.

Automating roadside assistance

At a 93% success rate, Replicant completely automates the roadside assitance use case. This includes inbound and outbound calls as well as SMS texting.

Replacing and unifying a disjointed IVR

Due to continued automation success, Replicant will replace the insurer’s entire IVR and establish one brand voice to answer over 4.7M calls annually.

To see it through and be part of this game-changing solution from inception to launch to maintenance with such swiftness has had a huge impact on our mindset and what we are capable of.

Director of Business Solutions at Insurance Company
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