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Believe the Hype: How Replicant is Positioned to be a Breakout Star in Customer Service 

Gartner recently published its latest “Hype Cycle” for 2022 which identifies key areas driving technology innovation in customer service organizations. These “four pillars” – as the technology consulting and research firm refers to them – are critical for companies with an ambition “to enhance customer service, create a more seamless customer journey, and better design and direct future journeys,” said Drew Kraus, VP Analyst at Gartner. 

The four customer service pillars highlighted by Gartner include:

  • Getting Connected
  • Process Orchestration
  • Knowledge and Insight
  • Resource Management

Replicant, as the industry leader in Contact Center Automation, has a clear interest in these four pillars and has made strides to incorporate them into Replicant’s platform. The success of Contact Center Automation becomes even more critical when taking a look at another recent report from Gartner that predicts investment in conversational AI will surge to nearly $2 billion this year – and by 2026, will ultimately reduce contact center agent costs by $80 billion. 

Getting connected

This pillar is all about “creating a seamless customer journey across assisted and self-service channels,” according to Gartner, which points to cloud-based technologies as an important avenue to manage customer support and employee engagement. “Cloud enables organizations to focus on transforming customer experience (CX), rather than managing the day-to-day technology needs of users,” said Kraus. 

Replicant tackles this critical pillar through its omnichannel approach. Not only does the cloud-based platform allow customers to receive support via whatever channel they’re most comfortable with – whether it be voice, text or chat – but customers can also switch seamlessly between channels if necessary, without losing context. All customer information from these channels is processed by a single conversation engine that in turn informs automated interactions and resolutions across channels. 

Process orchestration

Automation is the focus of this key pillar, according to Gartner, as automation has improved to the point where supporting increasingly detailed customer needs is not only possible – but practical for contact centers facing budgetary and staffing challenges. “The emergence of sophisticated AI voice capabilities have made large-scale call center automation viable, with huge potential for savings and positive CX,” said Kraus. 

Indeed, Replicant’s game-changing approach to conversational AI has been employed to successfully resolve some 30 million customer service requests. Conversational AI allows people to speak or type naturally with a machine without being beholden to limited menu options and keywords. This is achieved through best-in-class conversation design and accurate machine learning and natural language processing models that ensure fast, accurate, and contextual conversations – that feel as natural as speaking to a human. 

Knowledge and insight

Customer and operational insights are the driver behind this category highlighted by Gartner. In other words, data and analytics. Gartner presents customer data platforms (CDPs) as an example of the type of software that can help a company unify customer data from multiple sources to better understand behaviors over time. 

Replicant provides an out-of-the-box and customizable dashboard to streamline the process of accessing valuable conversation data as a chief component of the powerful suite of tools to manage Contact Center Automation. Beyond automatically transcribing conversations for future analysis, data is compiled to help reveal key trends about the customer experience. Reasons for contacting support, top-performing conversation flows and frequent escalation issues are just a few of the insights that can be explored through Replicant’s platform. 

“Not only has Replicant allowed us to scale our call center operations, but it’s given us insights into caller behavior at a much deeper level than we could have expected – which ultimately helped us improve the customer experience,” said Mikel Bowman, director of customer support operations at ECSI. 

Resource Management

This pillar relates to technology as a means to enhance and empower employees. Improving workforce management by utilizing resources that help enhance employee engagement ultimately creates a stronger customer experience, according to Gartner. But there are also benefits for employees and companies as well, especially as adoption of automation expands in the coming years. Gartner projects that one in 10 agent interactions will be automated by 2026, up from 1.6% today. 

Replicant’s innovative approach to Contact Center Automation is able to resolve most common customer requests, which frees up agents to handle more complex problems that require a higher level of engagement and empathy. This creates a more meaningful work environment and reduces employee turnover. According to Daniel O’Connell, VP analyst at Gartner, the efficiency gained by using automation to even just capture basic information like names and policy numbers “could reduce up to a third of the interaction time that would typically be supported by a human agent.”

Learn more about how Contact Center Automation is a transformative solution for customer service operations across industries – and what a roadmap to automation looks like.

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