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Choosing the Best Customer Service Outsourcing in 2022

Choosing the Best Customer Service Outsourcing in 2022

As businesses dive deeper into 2022, many may be re-evaluating call center operations and searching for customer service outsourcing options. The tight labor market appears to be an ongoing problem with The Great Resignation showing no signs of slowing down. 

Current solutions seem to be addressing only part of the problem while, at the same time, introducing additional challenges and higher costs into the equation. Organizations need to find a customer service solution that can not only address current difficulties but be nimble enough to adjust to future unpredictable call center volumes.

What is customer service outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing is the process of using a third-party provider or solution to manage all or some designated portion of the customer service call volume. This often refers to handling overflow calls during peak periods and is frequently done by offshore providers to reduce costs.

What are some of the best remote call center solutions in 2022?

Although self-service, business process outsourcing, and offshore providers are traditional methods of customer service, they are not ideal. Contact center automation that uses conversational AI can fully resolves Tier One issues over any channel without human intervention, making it one of the most cost-effective call center solutions.

What are the shortfalls of current remote call center solutions?

While seasonal hiring and business process operations solutions are conventional solutions, they don’t always equate to lower handle and queue times or higher customer satisfaction scores. More often, they can result in cost overruns, wasted training efforts, and harm to a brand’s promise.

Businesses may rely on past key performance indicators that no longer hold to forecast immediate or future hiring needs, making it difficult to match service levels to current requirements. That can mean paying agents to only be available. Sunk training costs can be high if call center representatives leave within a year or two.

Those companies that still use legacy solutions such as interactive voice response, self-service deflections, and agent assist solutions are well aware of customer dissatisfaction. Rigid menus, lengthy hold times, never-ending transfers, and recurrent requests for the same information lead to frustration.

Why conversational AI solves these existing problems

Call center workforce management software using conversational AI immediately addresses both short- and long-term issues. Pandemic-related staffing and volume challenges continue to be unpredictable, but this is why conversational AI is so revolutionary– it can scale to virtually any level of demand, immediately easing call center stress. Hold times are eliminated and customer satisfaction is immediately improved.

Given that unpredictability is the only predictable scenario for the future, conversational AI solutions are the best safeguard against call center challenges of tomorrow.

A Better Customer Service Outsourcing Solution

Learn more about our customer service automation. We use the latest machine learning technology to build a conversational AI system that offers dialogue management, improves and learns over time, and offers analytics and data to help improve call center customer service.

Our latest guide, “The Great Resignation: Why Your Contact Center Won’t Survive without Automation,” provides answers to some of today’s most pressing challenges:

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