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Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution Providers: A Comparison

Customer service centers have made leaps and bounds over the past several years in terms of the technology available to help them do their jobs better. Gone are the days of paper files and land phone lines. Today, many contact center solution providers are delivering a suite of tools that can help businesses keep lines of communication open between themselves and their customers–in any channel of the customers’ choice.

Wading through the many solutions that are available can be overwhelming. It’s important to take the time to carefully evaluate the leading players in the market today and choose the partner that will best meet your individual organization’s specific needs.

What Is A Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution?

A cloud-based solution is a comprehensive set of tools, applications, and services designed for businesses that want to communicate through modern channels. These include phone, text, and chat messaging. Such contact center technology not only helps companies respond quickly and efficiently to customers communicating through all these channels but can also integrate customer records, perform sophisticated call routing, manage different live agents and provide sophisticated analytics.

According to Gartner, “enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing, within addressable market segments, will overtake spending on traditional IT in 2025. Enterprise adoption of distributed cloud has the potential to further accelerate cloud shift because it brings public cloud services into domains that have primarily been non-cloud, expanding the addressable market. Organizations are evaluating it because of its ability to meet location-specific requirements, such as data sovereignty, low latency, and network bandwidth.”

Who Are The Top Contact Center Solution Providers?

The top four content center solution providers are: 

  • Replicant’s Thinking Machine
  • SmartAction’s Conversational AI for the Contact Centers
  • Amazon Lex’s Conversational AI and Chatbots 
  • Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant

What To Look For In A Contact Center Solution

As you evaluate how to best automate your call center, be sure to look for the following capabilities:

  • Consistent Experiences: Consistency is important for both the customer and the contact center itself. Look for a partner that can provide both low latency and natural conversations across voice, text, and messaging.
  • Multiple Languages: In our increasingly global marketplace, it’s critical that customers speaking a wide variety of languages can all have a stellar customer service experience. Be sure your call center solution providers you evaluate offer services in the most popular languages and in all channels.
  • Custom Integrations: Every contact center is unique so it’s important that your chosen call center technology can meet you where you are, providing custom integrations at every level.
  • Real-time Transcriptions: One important part of any conversational AI solution is the ability to deliver real-time transcriptions of automated conversations. This can be invaluable if questions or requests must be escalated to a live agent so that customer information does not need to be repeated. It can also serve as an important asset in the long-term customer record.
  • Deep Analytics: The best cloud contact center solution providers will be able to provide deep analytics that can help contact center managers improve overall performance and continuously improve to provide better cross-channel support. 
  • Pre-Built Use Cases: With IT resources always stretched, it’s important that vendors deliver pre-built use cases for common contact drivers. This allows contact center automation deployments to be completed with little IT effort within a few weeks.

Try Replicant

Why choose Replicant as your contact center solution provider? Our system is in the cloud, powered by conversational AI, purpose-built for customer service, and boosts ROI. It is trained on millions of live calls so this type of contact center automation solution is constantly self-improving. As a result, Replicant boosts a customer call resolution rate of more than 80 percent and CSAT scores that are on par with live agents. Request a demo and learn how to automate your contact center today.

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