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Delivering Customer Service at a Fraction of the Cost with Replicant

It would seem that the voice in the contact center has come full circle. What started as customer service on the phone as the highest touch interaction moved through an evolution of email, chatbots, IVRs and, with AI has come IVAs and a return to the voice with conversational AI. Traditionally, phone has always been the most expensive channel for the contact center, but with the efficiencies of conversational AI and even more so — autonomous contact centers — companies are once again able to focus on their highest touchpoint with customers, at a fraction of the cost. 

Replicant Voice is an autonomous contact center, utilizing conversational AI that is highly developed to deliver the closest voice experience to human agents available today. It answers all Tier-1 calls, resolves up to 90% of them, and intelligently routes to agents for more complex issues. It also costs 50% less than a business process outsourcer. 

If you’re a contact center looking to simultaneously improve customer experience while lowering costs, implementing an autonomous contact center can help you achieve both. But first, what is an autonomous contact center? And how does it help provide elastic customer service?

An autonomous contact center acts as a first line of defense to resolve, not deflect Tier-1 customer service issues without burdening your agents with repetitive, high-volume calls or keeping your customers on hold. It integrates with your existing CRM and contact center software allowing it to authenticate callers, resolve the majority of customer service calls, escalate calls with context when needed, and autonomously capture call summary notes, and execute tasks on behalf of your customers.

It is impossible to accurately predict call volume and agent capacity 100% of the time, but with an autonomous contact center, you no longer need to. Elastic customer service means you can scale customer service up or down according to customer demand without ballooning costs, training new agents, offshoring, or planning for seasonal fluctuations. With elastic customer service, you can meet customer demand 100% of the time, while only paying for what you use resulting in higher CSAT and more productive agents.

Here’s how: 

  1. Total lower cost of ownership. Replicant customers experience a +50% average reduction in direct customer service costs as compared to a highly optimized, third-party business process outsourcer (BPO). Replicant gives you the power of adding as many agents as you need in any given moment to answer every call without having to hire, add, outsource, or train human agents. 
  2. Lower average handle times. Replicant resolves up to 90% of Tier-1 issues faster than human agents can. Contact centers experience a +50% reduction in average handle time. Less handle time means more customers served. 
  3. Fewer call escalations for Tier-1 issues. The high resolution rate means contact centers experience a +50% reduction in call escalations for repetitive calls. 
  4. Eliminates hold times. Imagine how your CX would change if there was zero hold times on calls? Replicant eliminates hold times because every call is answered within seconds. 
  5. Enables proactive customer service. Replicant not only handles Tier-1 inbound calls, but can also make proactive outbound calls to remind customers of invoices or promotions. 
  6. Makes customer service elastic. With hybrid models of remote and onsite agents, as well as the unpredictability of sudden spikes, Replicant gives you an elastic customer service strategy to be sure you can scale up and down as needed, without having to add agents or use a BPO. 

Delivering CX not possible before

Let’s dig a little deeper. Cost savings are not only reflected in how much budget is saved because Replicant is less expensive, it is also saved by freeing up agents to focus on more complex calls to enable them to be brand ambassadors for your company. Now, agents can do what they do best which is have engaging conversations with your customers and hopefully turn issues into resolutions in a much more high-touch, personal way. How about proactive customer care? This is much harder to scale if you don’t have the benefits of AI working side-by-side your agents. With Replicant you can make proactive outbound calls to deliver a human touch to customers and potentially cross-sell or upsell to improve CX and generate revenue. If you could now make outbound calls that would remind people to, for example, pay an invoice or offer new promotions at renewal time, how would that impact customer churn? Customer retention is money saved and money earned. 

Implementing an autonomous contact center isn’t just about meeting customer expectations for automated interactions, it’s about reimagining how budget and agent time can be spent to deliver levels of customer care that contact centers just haven’t had the bandwidth to do before. And remember, an autonomous contact center doesn’t replace your existing software, it instead augments it and easily integrates with it.

Because it’s available at a fraction of the cost of the traditional phone channel, contact centers have an unprecedented opportunity to really transform customer experience. 

Learn more about how Replicant can help you do this. 

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