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Using Autonomous Customer Service Software 2022

The Autonomous Customer Service Software To Use in 2022

When the global pandemic of 2020 hit, the world had to quickly adapt, moving the vast majority of jobs into a virtual environment. Customer service responses had to adapt too. As a result of the labor shortages in the U.S., there is a greater need for autonomous customer service solutions. More and more businesses are using technologies like customer center automation and conversational AI. 

Now that it has been two years since the pandemic began, customer expectations remain high. Companies need to have stellar customer service to succeed, and automation remains the best way to improve the customer experience using the agent team you already have without increasing call center labor costs. 

What is Autonomous Customer Service?

Autonomous customer service uses conversational AI technology to resolve Tier One requests with absolutely no wait time. Because new AI software doesn’t need keywords to understand multi-faceted questions, the vast majority of customer requests are immediately resolved, thus freeing up agents for Tier Two requests. These more difficult calls are intelligently escalated to the appropriate agent, who also receives caller information so customers don’t have to repeat themselves. 

How Does Technology Reduce Customer Service Costs?

Call center costs are one of the biggest barriers to effective customer service. However, when you automate customer service calls, customer service improves drastically without the need for additional contact center staff or equipment. 

Automation technology lowers average handle times (AHT), so customers get issues resolved faster, often without any agent involvement. At the same time, the scalability of automation means brands have no need for expensive outsourcing. 

Looking Ahead Into 2023

According to Forrester, three trends are likely to shape the customer service industry in the coming year. These include future-proofing technology, using data currently hidden in silos, and focusing on the human side of customer experience. 

That’s why Replicant remains up-to-date on the trends customers expect. These include: 

  • Natural conversations: Automation software uses a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) brain to accurately comprehend and converse in natural language. Customers don’t need to use keywords or press numbers to communicate; instead, they can speak as they normally would to an agent. 
  • Omnichannel support: Replicant uses a variety of communication channels to resolve issues, including voice, SMS, VIVR, webchat, social, email, in-app, and business messaging. Customers can use any combination of these communication options without having to repeat personal information. 
  • Conversation design: With a user-friendly design, companies can design, deploy, and update autonomous conversation scripts across use-cases. 
  • Conversation analytics: Businesses get customizable analytics that provides insights into conversation performance, testing outcomes, and KPIs like call volume, average handle time, and common support issues. 

More Reasons To Employ Contact Center Automation

The customer experience has become increasingly important, and, in some cases, one poor experience could lose a customer for good. “Artificial intelligence and augmented reality…enable enterprises to reduce customer churn rates and improve customer loyalty and strengthen their brand presence,” says a recent article by Fortune Business Insights

Autonomous customer service is designed to work with agents. When an automated call must be handed off to a live person, the agent also receives all pertinent information including personal information, the current issue, or past customer history. 

Replicant’s solution also stores and tags conversation transcripts so they can be easily found, reviewed, and analyzed. Agents have access to automated after-call statistics and information to help them improve. 

Autonomous customer service software solutions like ours can easily integrate into whatever existing contact center you have. When you automate customer service calls this way, agents can continue to use the methods and processes that work best for them. We provide a secure and scalable infrastructure to handle millions of autonomous conversations at the same time, all with enterprise-grade security that is SOCII, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliant.

Here’s something to think about. When Doordash implemented Replicant’s solution, it achieved a 94% success rate – almost 10% more than its benchmark. Autonomous customer service could do the same for your business. Request a customer service automation demo now.

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